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Topic 4

Digital citizenship

Topic 4: Reflection.

If humans were mindless robots the world would be thriving and efficient in every manner. Advancement in science would take huge leaps without the need of deliberating on what is morally right or wrong and what is best for the individual. After reading the differing opinions presented by my colleagues on their blogs, I can say that there is one thing that I found in common which was there is no easy answer to a lot of the issues faced by social media use. Continue reading →

Reflection – topic 4 overview

Due to the fact that I changed my course in the last minutes, I was a few week behind every one. Topic 4 is actually the first topic I engaged, therefore I have significantly less experience than my course mates. However, I have tried my best to catch up with an effort to complete things in time, and I did. The first time I see the topic, I was a bit hesitated to choose the path. Whether I should choose to research on ethnicity in the use of media in education, or business. Continue reading →

Just one comment leading to one million.

I initially struggled to think of a way in which to approach the topic of social media ethics. I therefore decided to start with a news story I’d heard on the radio and see where that would take me. It lead me to think about freedom of speech and how it must be a key issue within social media. When reading Freya’s blog I saw how her argument was partly a counter to mine on how businesses should use social media appropriately. Continue reading →

Trolls Just Want to Have Fun

It was an interesting fortnight on planet UOSM2033, with people making forays into the world of vlogging and including more imaginative media in their posts, something I tried to demonstrate with the Powtoon in my post. (On a side note here, many thanks to Calum and Jess for pointing out my fantastically stupid mistake of making the video private when it was meant to be unlisted… I’m a silly one. Continue reading →

social media ethics for business: a reflection.

This week’s topic was of great interest to me as we were able to focus it on a theme that interested us. After I posted mine I was tweeted to let me know that my article had been featured on a website bringing together articles relating to social media use in businesses, which was a great way for me to read other peoples’ take on the matter, such as this article about social media etiquette but put together in a really informative and easy to read way. Continue reading →

Am I smarter this week?

Ethics are hard to discuss when the social media is barely out of its infancy. We are still getting used to be globally connected, interacting with other cultures whose sense of ethics vastly differs from ours. Calum alluded to this when he suggested in hs comment o Adam’s blog that what’s right and the norm in the UK would be against the very fibre of being in another culture. Continue reading →


This week we covered the topic of ethics. For my blog post I decided to focus on the topic of how businesses attempt to attract attention to themselves online. It was interesting to see that another student concentrated on the same topic area. Adam focused on the exploitation of tragic world events by businesses to drum up attention to their social media profiles. In our exchange of comments it was revealed that we shared the same views on the subject. Continue reading →

Topic 4 Reflective Summary

Following on from my successful interaction with an industry professional during Topic 3, I wanted to share an interesting article I’d found at the start of the topic, about Twitter Ethics in PR, as much of what is said is applicable to other fields. Also, because the vast majority of our interaction with course co-ordinators and course mates happens on Twitter, I thought it was apt to share something on the platform, about the ethics of its use. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 4

This weeks topic has been, without doubt, my favourite topic to research and think about during the module so far. I have really enjoyed researching and considering the ethics behind businesses using social media as a platform to enhance their popularity. My own research highlighted the ways in companies manipulate social media in order to promote themselves through a number of ways such as false and unreported endorsements and how often social media is used as a means of self-promotion. Continue reading →

The Megaphone & The Strawmob: Reflection

#GamerGate has been a topic which has seemingly only been able to be discussed in a particularly emotive and overly passionate way and it was refreshing to be able to air my own thoughts on the matter and discuss the matter calmly with Andy and with Nabeel. I find it interesting that a lot of the discussion centred around what the #GamerGate movement could have done better. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Reflection

Cyber bullying is an obvious ethical issue in education, and I knew I couldn’t give it a miss, since it happened to also fall during ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ so the issue had to be raised..once more! Anna and Nam similarly explored education, and drew upon cyber bullying. In my own blog, I contrastingly emphasised the juxtaposition in the increasing prevalence of teachers falling victim to cyber bullying, which is often ignored. Continue reading →

The Only Way Is Ethics.

Otherwise known as ‘The One Where Andy Thought of the Title Before the Content’. On first inspection, I think it’s obvious that there is a massive link between this topic on ethics and how some of the strands of discussion developed during topic 2. In my reflection article I touched on the subject of Twitter trolling, a subject which this Guardian article featured in the starter post for this topic discusses in detail. Continue reading →

The Megaphone & The Strawmob: #GamerGate and Social Media

UoSM2033 Topic 4: Discuss one of the ethical issues raised by educational or business use of social media that you consider to be particularly significant GamerGate is a complicated issue. There are many facets to every aspect of it, especially its very nature, but this makes it, as a phenomenon on social media, particularly interesting to examine. Continue reading →

social media ethics for business.

This week’s blog post will focus on social media ethics for businesses, particularly for those in the U.S. when it comes to endorsement. This tweet by Kim Kardashian perfectly highlights the presence of endorsed tweets on social media and the ethical issues it poses as Kardashian has not stated that the post has been sponsored… Pregnancy lips…. @EOS to the rescue! LOL http://t. Continue reading →

Ethics? What Ethics?!

As personal social media use has exploded, businesses have spotted an opportunity. They have never had such an access to free and personal information on consumers, the data is genuine, easily accessible and best of all costs nothing. Products and services can now be tailored for individual consumers with information obtained from their posts, clicks and cookies. Continue reading →