Topic 4: Reflection

Cyber bullying is an obvious ethical issue in education, and I knew I couldn’t give it a miss, since it happened to also fall during ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ so the issue had to be raised..once more!

Anna and Nam similarly explored education, and drew upon cyber bullying. In my own blog, I contrastingly emphasised the juxtaposition in the increasing prevalence of teachers falling victim to cyber bullying, which is often ignored.

While the majority of my peers explored business, including Jess, it was still interesting to see that the issue of, freedom of speech was raised in both contexts. Our discussion, also emphasised that cyber bullying can also exist in the workplace, and that many ethical issues are not solely confined to one context. Perhaps, this is because the ethical issues brought about by social media resonates with Topic 2, as we are more likely to condone ourselves to be hidden behind an anonymous account, shielded behind a screen, and see ourselves as separated from the real world, so ethics shouldn’t apply.

Anna’s Vlog, was a new experience to say the least!

We both chose educational contexts. It was encouraging to see Anna not only addressing the negative ethical issues, but also how social media can alleviate ethical issues which I hadn’t thought about. Since neither of us looked at the same area within cyber bullying, this enabled us to explore in our Vlog interactions ways to support both students and teachers, leading us to conclude that cyber education/training is the best way to ensure we reduce this, and enhance new/appropriate ways of online interactions.

‘Living and Working on the Web’, really emphasises the complexity of enclosing ethical issues in education and business as separate concerns, since we have seen in Topic 3 that our social and professional lives may overlap. Thus, as every child, adult, educator, businessman are closely living and working within a world connected by social media – there is no escaping this!

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