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All good things must end.

Unlike every other module I’ve done at this university, UOSM2033 has been pretty much entirely based around communication. This has been a very interesting difference, as people have been able to put their points of view across strongly and actually try to better each other’s understanding while going about it. In some ways I think everyone has learnt a lot from it, and by the end views were not so disparate as they might have been at the start of the module. Continue reading →

Open Access Journals. Good, Evil, Or Not-As-Dramatic?

Here’s a link to the Prezi I’ve made for this week’s post. (It has sound!) References Beall, Jeffrey, 2012. Predatory publishers are corrupting open access. Nature, 489, (179) doi:10.1038/489179a Beall, Jeffrey, 2014. Bogus Journal Accepts Profanity-Laced Anti-Spam Paper. Scholarly Open Access at WordPress. Directory of Open Access Journals, search engine feature, accessed 07/12/2014. Mazières, David & Kohler, Eddie, 2004. Get Me Off Your F***ing Mailing List. Continue reading →

Trolls Just Want to Have Fun

It was an interesting fortnight on planet UOSM2033, with people making forays into the world of vlogging and including more imaginative media in their posts, something I tried to demonstrate with the Powtoon in my post. (On a side note here, many thanks to Calum and Jess for pointing out my fantastically stupid mistake of making the video private when it was meant to be unlisted… I’m a silly one. Continue reading →

The Only Way Is Ethics.

Otherwise known as ‘The One Where Andy Thought of the Title Before the Content’. On first inspection, I think it’s obvious that there is a massive link between this topic on ethics and how some of the strands of discussion developed during topic 2. In my reflection article I touched on the subject of Twitter trolling, a subject which this Guardian article featured in the starter post for this topic discusses in detail. Continue reading →

An Authentic, Professional Online Profile.

I am Andy Sugden. Andrew, to be precise, but Andy is the name I’ve chosen to be referred to as. The one issue with this and creating a successful online profile is that I’m unlikely to ever reach the top page of a google for ‘Andy Sugden’, those spots generally being taken by sites relating to the Emmerdale character of the same name. My Twitter account, @AndySugden, has just crept into the second page of results though, so there’s a start. Andy Sugden vs. Andy Sugden. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary – Digital Visitors and Residents

It has been interesting over the past couple of weeks for me to see, on this university wide course, how different people from different backgrounds of study choose to research and think about different areas. There were many differences of opinion on the concept as well, which was equally interesting as some of us chose to question the point and usefulness of it, while others took it as a positive that it left room for interpretation. Continue reading →