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Topic 1

Digital Visitors and Residents

An Overview…

Again, two weeks into this project I am still learning the finer details of this course. In hindsight I would like to say that I am proficient using WordPress and the whole blogging concept in general is second nature but I’d be wrong. There is a lot for me to still learn and I need to make the most of these drop-in sessions provided to me. That said, UOSM2033¬†itself I find refreshing in the sense that this course’s approach to learning is unique. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Reflection.

White’s concept of Digital Residency has brought up an insightful discussion amongst the other students. Whilst some have advocated its integration of flexibility with independence over the need for digital proficiency is a step towards the right direction, some have criticised the same factors as being other wise. Calum’s¬†blog post highlights one of the main upsides of White’s work. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Reflection

The terms digital “resident” and “visitor” were new concepts for me, before I had started¬†this module. However as I delved into these areas, my understanding grew which allowed me¬†to associate myself with a personal perspective on both¬†sides. Pretsky’s initial concepts first¬†sparked¬†my curiosity on¬†the¬†differentiation and classification of people¬†and their online behaviour¬†in the digital world, because quite simply, I had never thought about it before. Continue reading →

Topic 1: A Reflection

While obviously having some sort of broad overview of what the module would involve, the intricacies of it, as discovered in our opening tutorial, was something rather alien to me; an online course, consisting of blogging and building an online presence in a ‚Äėlearn-as-you-go-along‚Äô fashion, with no formal lectures or face-to-face contact with my fellow peers. This new format of learning made me apprehensive at first, but two weeks into the course I feel my worries were unfounded. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary ‚Äď Digital Visitors and Residents

It has been interesting over the past couple of weeks for me to see, on this university wide course, how different people from different backgrounds of study choose to research and think about different areas. There were many differences of opinion on the concept as well, which was equally interesting as some of us chose to question the point and usefulness of it, while others took it as a positive that it left room for interpretation. Continue reading →

Topic 1 Reflective Summary

The past two weeks have been a massive learning curve for me, considering that I had never personally blogged or interacted with others through blogging before. I feel that the reading was very useful in understanding the relatively new concepts of digital ‘residents’ and ‘visitors’. However, I definitely learnt far more through interacting with the other UOSM2033 bloggers and responding to their comments on my own blog. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Reflection

When I read the question for topic one, I was initially quite apprehensive, having never heard of the terms visitor or resident in a digital context before. Once I had read the White and Le Cornu paper I began to realise how I had never really considered the ways in which people may differ in using the web from a research perspective before. Continue reading →

Digital Visitors and Residents: Reflection

The topic of Digital Visitors and Residents has proved to be a divisive one; whilst some people have fully embraced it, others remain extremely sceptical about its accuracy and use. The discussions around it have proved thought-provoking, even if they only served to strengthen, expand or clarify people’s own views on the matter, including my own. In this post, I hope to illustrate this, with specific respect to my own views. Continue reading →

a reflection: digital residents&digital visitors.

As a topic that I had never heard of before, the debate surrounding the terms Digital Visitor, Resident, Immigrant and Native proved really interesting for me. I began by looking into Prensky‚Äôs theory of Digital Immigrants and Natives and whilst I agreed with some of his points, I began to find flaws in his arguments, which were reflected in further readings that I came across. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Reflection

The¬†‘visitor’ and ‘resident’ topic was of ¬†interest and challenge. My engagement¬†with other posts, collaborative peer discussions¬†and now personal reflecting, it is clear there is no definitive answer to the ‘visitor’ ‘resident’ model. My prior understanding of Prensky’s model was seen as a weakness to my discussion, as I presumed knowledge from my readers. Continue reading →

Digital Users?

As D White and A Le Cornu once said; The resident is an individual who lives a percentage of their life online.¬† The Visitor is an individual who uses the web as a tool in an organised manner whenever the need arises. [1] Having grown up through the ‚ÄėDot Com Bubble‚Äô I remember my Primary School days being taught an array of topics about the dangers of online communities to learning how to send an email. Continue reading →

A reflection.

It has been an incredibly interesting exploration into the two concepts of ‚Äúresident‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúvisitor‚ÄĚ shown by Le Cornu and White. My first impressions still remain to an extent (These being that the two concepts seem simplistic for dealing with millions of internet users displaying qualities of the ‚Äúvisitor‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúresident‚ÄĚ). Continue reading →

Digital Visitors and Residents

UOSM2033 Topic 1:¬†Explain the concept of digital ‚Äúvisitors‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúresidents‚ÄĚ drawing upon your own online experiences to date The concept of Digital Visitors and Residents was suggested by David S. White and Alison Le Cornu¬†as an alternative to Marc Prensky’s designations of Digital Natives and Immigrants¬†(2001), used to¬†comprehend¬†a perceived split in¬†the use of technology between age groups. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Digital ‚Äúvisitors‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúresidents‚ÄĚ

Explain the concept of digital ‚Äúvisitors‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúresidents‚ÄĚ drawing upon your reading and your own online experiences to date in support of the points that you make. To me, White (2008) provides the clearest explanation to what digital residents¬†and¬†visitors are in a blog, published as a preliminary overview to a 2011 paper, which looked to provide an approach that ‘was not based on age or gender‘, unlike Prensky’s (2001) earlier work on web immigrants and natives. Continue reading →

Explain the concept of digital ‚Äúvisitors‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúresidents‚ÄĚ drawing upon your own online experiences to date in support of the points that you make.

The concepts of digital ‚Äúvisitors‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúresidents‚ÄĚ are the following: ‚ÄúVisitors‚ÄĚ use the internet as a tool to accomplish something such as booking a holiday, or to complete a task (White and Le Cornu, 2011a), whereas the ‚Äúresident‚ÄĚ ‚Äėlives‚Äô on the web alongside their physical lifestyle. Continue reading →