Topic 4: Reflection.

If humans were mindless robots the world would be thriving and efficient in every manner. Advancement in science would take huge leaps without the need of deliberating on what is morally right or wrong and what is best for the individual.

After reading the differing opinions presented by my colleagues on their blogs, I can say that there is one thing that I found in common which was there is no easy answer to a lot of the issues faced by social media use. The focus I took on the topic this week was aimed towards Youtube channels that either falsely give information or selling information that is already free.

The main issue with these scammers┬áare the fact that they are gaining the trust of their consumers based on the fact that people aren’t robots – humans are┬áknown to be lazy and naive at some point in their lives (a point I made in a comment reply to Lucy on my blog).

Another issue with a lot of mistrust┬áon social media is the inability for the average consumer to do anything about it. Lucy and Sophie added their view on this in a response┬áto my comments on their blog (Lucy’s and Sophie’s). Consumers who are sceptical are only left to do just that. At the end of the day, everyone has┬áa┬álist of have tos, must dos and should haves. But as non robots, we are always in it for ourselves.

Wall-E – a robot that is more human than most humans.


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My blog post on topic 4 

My comment on Lucy’s blog

My comment on Sophie’s blog

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