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Topic 5 – Intellectual properties made free: Good or bad

It’s undeniable how free , easy accessed online material can be so beneficial to user and even non-user of it. For example, if first-aid instructions (for multiple types of injury) were published, not only the reader, but also those who do not know about it are positively affected. Unfortunately most people pay attention only on the effects to consumers and society, forgetting how free material can influence the content producers. Continue reading →

Reflection – topic 4 overview

Due to the fact that I changed my course in the last minutes, I was a few week behind every one. Topic 4 is actually the first topic I engaged, therefore I have significantly less experience than my course mates. However, I have tried my best to catch up with an effort to complete things in time, and I did. The first time I see the topic, I was a bit hesitated to choose the path. Whether I should choose to research on ethnicity in the use of media in education, or business. Continue reading →

Topic 4 – Ethical issues in social media (educational related)

The domination of social media over human lives is becoming more obvious than ever.Β Officials forecast that almost 40% of the world’s population would be online by the end of 2013, and it did (Kellion L. 2013, BBC article, UK jumps up internet scoreboard as digital divide grows). Realising the potential power of these social media sites, educational institutions put their head on the game as well, by applying this technology for educational purposes. Continue reading →