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Topic 2

Online identity and privacy

Topic 2 – My reflection

After a week of discussion about online identities it has been very interesting to see the wide array of opinions and interpretations of the topic. Reading everyone else’s articles made me question the other components of the discussion. Lots of articles pointed out that many separate partial identities make up our single online identity, this was made most clear by the Fig. 1 diagram in Calum’s post. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflection.

After interesting discussions with colleagues on the topic there is much more to your online identity than just knowing how to be anonymous appropriately. My initial curiosity on the topic was sparked when I read Aumar’s blog where he talked about online gaming and security. The internet has brought a lot of opportunities for people to commercialise their personal brand and in gaming it is not an exception. Continue reading →

Multiple Online Identites: A Reflection

Coming into the topic I already had a basic understanding of the main points of the debate, mainly due to following the debate surrounding the anonymous leaking of photos, however I found it very interesting building upon this knowledge, and soon discovered that the issue was not as black and white as it seemed, especially when I came across the ideas of Internet Society (undated). Through engaging with my peers I soon found many different dimensions to the debate. Continue reading →

Take Two – An Overview

13 days ago I hadn’t given the concepts of Online Security, Privacy and Identity any serious thought. Needless to say my opinions have evolved during this time. Having read the comments in Andy Sugden’s blog (Titled: Online Identity or Online Identities?) one key point I missed out with regards to having an Online Identity is the ability to have a unique persona, a fresh start if you will. Continue reading →

Topic 2 Reflective Summary

The most interesting part of this topic for me has been the differences in opinion on having multiple identities. Ultimately, I think that how you control your online identity/identities depends on what you are trying to achieve. This may also relate back to Topic 1, depending on whether you are acting as a resident or a visitor at that particular time. Continue reading →

Identity Crisis: Reflection

The variety of posts on the topic of multiple online identities shows that for different people, the objectives of using the internet vary dramatically. Thus, advantages for one person can be disadvantageous for another, or vice versa. I realise that the points I made in my original post were very oriented towards the artist. For some, this is not so useful, however I will continue to argue from this perspective as this is what is important to me. Continue reading →

multiple online identities: a reflection.

This week on my blog I explored the idea of having multiple online identities, an idea for me at first that conjured up images of identity theft and “catfishing”. The more I read however, the more I realised that I myself have multiple online identities, whether it be for professional purposes when I use LinkedIn or for more personal ones when I am on Facebook. Continue reading →

Reflection on Online Identities

Topic 2 looked into both the benefits and disadvantages of having more than one online identity and the prevalence of this issue in our modern society. In my own research I found Mark Zuckerberg’s comment to be key, in that he feels that people should not have more than one identity or risk lacking integrity, an argument followed in many other blogs. Having one identity can create an authentic online presence which may bridge the gap between your online and offline self. Continue reading →

Topic 2: A reflection

My original post, “Who am I?” written just over a week ago marked the middle of my two week module on online identities. Through interacting with the class my knowledge for the topic has grown. By reading Sophie’s blog, I quickly discovered we have opposing opinions. I believe we should present ourselves professionally at all times on the web, Sophie believes we should use social media for its social purpose: establishing we both use social media differently. Continue reading →

Reflection 2.0

This has easily been the most extensive and current topic so far. Many of the blogs written are very different and to some extent reflect our personal and social experiences and also our views of our identities. Similarly, many blogs seemed to be written reflecting current societal attitudes to one’s own identity. On a magnified level however, these blogs have shown clearly how there is much more to the arguably popular view that having multiple identities can be a sinister affair. Continue reading →

Who am I online? Online identities.

Online identity is a term I have often heard discussed but put little thought into what it means for me and the way in which I use the internet. Warburton explains that the concept of digital identity is very broad and covers all kinds of information about ourselves which we put out onto the web, whether it is wittingly or unwittingly. Many people may not realise that everything we do online can be tracked and monitored and adds to this overall picture of who we appear to be. Continue reading →

Is having several social identities a good thing?

Have you ever googled yourself?  You might be in for a shock, if not. Its an unnerving thought to think that through technology, the digital world is able to extract all your online traces, and present it to anyone at a click of a button. We live in a world today where people are becoming more dependent on technology and living on the web. Due to social media use, you are able to develop as many online identities as you desire, reflecting your offline personality. Continue reading →

Anonymity: one of the most powerful inventions.

For many users of 4chan, August 31st 2014 comes down as one of the most controversial internet events in history. The Fappening, which still has accumulated over thirty-thousand hashtag counts just this past month, is the hacking of over 200 private photos of celebrities. The hacks were confirmed to have been aimed towards Apple’s cloud services or better known as iCloud. This event stirred a lot of debate towards internet security. Continue reading →

Identity Crisis: How many Online Identities should you have?

UOSM2033 Topic 2: Discuss the arguments for and against having more than one online identity Identities & Personae As the internet gets older, social media develops and the way we use the internet changes, the pressure on users to form strong online identities becomes greater and greater. From this added pressure arises the question of whether to have one large identity with a strong sense of brand or multiple identities that are suited for their own purposes. Continue reading →