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The Final Round Up

After 5 months of studying the “Living and working on the web” module I’m pleased to say that I’ve learnt many useful skills that I will hopefully be able to apply to future tasks – whilst studying at university and beyond. As I study Economics, and have an analytical academic background (studying Maths, Physics and Economics at A level) the art of researching and publishing articles is completely new to me. I can definitely say that this course has improved these skills. Continue reading →

Topic 5 – Final Reflection

photo credit: spettacolopuro via photopin cc This week’s topic was centred around access to free online content. Whilst we were directed towards the topic of free access to research papers and educational resources, I decided to concentrate on an area that has always interested me. The way the entertainment industry has evolved over the years is fascinating. Specifically how the Internet has drastically shaped it in recent times. Continue reading →


This week we covered the topic of ethics. For my blog post I decided to focus on the topic of how businesses attempt to attract attention to themselves online. It was interesting to see that another student concentrated on the same topic area. Adam focused on the exploitation of tragic world events by businesses to drum up attention to their social media profiles. In our exchange of comments it was revealed that we shared the same views on the subject. Continue reading →

Topic 3 – Looking Back

This week was focused on building your online professional profile. Again there was some good variation between the blogs. I mainly focused on the informal/social aspect of professional online profiles, highlighting the importance of authenticity. Freya’s blog agreed with my suggestion of creating multiple accounts across multiple websites under the same name and updating them regularly with genuine information. Which she cleverly named ‘authentic self-brand’. Continue reading →

Developing Authentic Online Profiles

Authenticity: Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine Outside of the web we determine authenticity through appearance, human interactions and ID cards. On the web these methods aren’t plausible due to the fundamental lack of face-to-face contact. So how do we perceive others authenticity online? As discussed in the previous topic, the ease at which we can create multiple bogus accounts has led to a minefield of profiles online. photo credit: Dev. Continue reading →

Topic 2 – My reflection

After a week of discussion about online identities it has been very interesting to see the wide array of opinions and interpretations of the topic. Reading everyone else’s articles made me question the other components of the discussion. Lots of articles pointed out that many separate partial identities make up our single online identity, this was made most clear by the Fig. 1 diagram in Calum’s post. Continue reading →

Multiple Online Identities?

In our day-to-day lives it’s illegal to have multiple identities, so why should we be allowed them online? photo credit: clappstar via photopin cc The Internet is becoming a bigger part of our lives every day, the separation between online and offline life is becoming ever more blurred. Social media has been so widely adopted that it is now engrained into society. The days of phoning up friends to share news have been replaced by posting a tweet. Continue reading →