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Topic 5

The ‘open’ web

Final Reflection or is it?

Needless to say I am loving every second of this blog. As I mentioned in one of my tweets @aumar_days: (If you haven’t done so, follow me!) And I wholly stick by it! It is refreshing to see so many different point of views being shared across the same topics. This week the topic given to class #UOSM2033 was about the ‘advantages and disadvantage of open access. Continue reading →

Topic 5 – Final Reflection

photo credit: spettacolopuro via photopin cc This week’s topic was centred around access to free online content. Whilst we were directed towards the topic of free access to research papers and educational resources, I decided to concentrate on an area that has always interested me. The way the entertainment industry has evolved over the years is fascinating. Specifically how the Internet has drastically shaped it in recent times. Continue reading →

So what if online content is free online? : a Reflection

This weeks question has been my favourite from the #uosm2033 because of how interesting it was to see what my classmates thought and researched, as well as what I could find on the internet. Truthfully, my sister was the one who pointed me in the right direction of Aaron Swartz, The Internets Own Boy. I found this extremely engaging, as did my classmates who specifically commented on this, on my blog. One comment which really got me thinking was one made by ebrahimshakir. Continue reading →

Open access, but only if it benefits me.

Out of all the topics covered so far, “open access” appeared to have the most diverse range of issues covered, from problems in the music industry, to gaming websites, to scientific journals. When considering the music industry I managed to squeeze in an unnecessary cake metaphor to reply to Nabeel’s post, which underlined the contrast with which people view content depending on whether it is in digital form or a hard copy. Continue reading →

Topic 5: Reflection.

This week’s topic has been one of the most eye opening ones so far as it has given some people an opportunity to share what they are passionate about. This week I chose to talk about gaming and how essentially making a game free is beneficial for the majority in most cases. It was interesting to have been able to involve a bit of Psychology in this week’s discussion within my post and the discussions I’ve had with my colleagues in the comments. Continue reading →

Digital Piracy for the Win!!!

Two momentous events happened this week, Pirate Bay went under (hopefully not for long) and I considered why I use peer-to-peer sites to share files. The Pirate Bay may be down but the idea it created of free and collaborative internet has taken root amongst us and the new generation and an idea will never die. Dominic talked about how the film and music industry is under threat from file sharing websites but he oversimplified a nuanced scenario in the entertainment industry. Continue reading →

Topic 5 Reflective Summary

I think this topic has been a great way to round of the module. I decided that I would try something completely different presentation-wise, and create a web page using WiX. I really enjoyed the process and have learnt some new skills in the process. I found this video at the start of the topic and decided to share it on Twitter.  As you can see, Jack Andraka replied to the tweet and also recommended the Open Access Button – which I subsequently used in the content of my web page. Continue reading →

The Reflection of Topic Five

Whilst it was an interesting topic, the new learning experience for me was the challenge of creating a video. It made a different, but welcome change to my normal text posts. The biggest issue I faced was the concern that I might not be able to get the same information across as I could with a written post. My first impression was that I felt more constricted by what I could write, so the video could flow easily. Continue reading →

Spotify: A Controversial Topic Summary.

This week’s blog post sparked a huge amount of discussion with engagement across #UOSM2033 and #MANG2049. I began the week by looking at UOSM2033 blog posts by Catherine and Pippa both on very different areas of open access to those I had discussed. Pippa introduced me to Wix: @Anna_93 @PippaEDavies You can create your own site, Anna :) Take a look at our free website templates: — Wix. Continue reading →

Advantages and Disadvatages of Products being freely available online – A Reflection

It’s strange to think that this is the last blog post I will make under the module #UOSM2033, where has the semester gone!! I’ll admit this wasn’t my favourite topic, and I found reading other people’s work much more interesting than researching my own, something that’s probably down to the aspect of the topic that I focussed on. Continue reading →

My Comment on Anna’s Post…

I’ve been having much trouble trying to get WordPress to accept this whole comment on Anna’s Blog post ( So, here it is in its entirety in case we cannot get it to work by the end of the day: Hi Anna, I love that you’ve raised the topic of Spotify, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with your conclusions. Continue reading →

RE: Topic 5: Open Access

Excuse the late post but I wanted to read the work of my fellow peers of #UOSM2033 before posting my own opinion. From my own experiences, the earliest case of plagiarism taken seriously was in my English GCSE class where a classmate of mine had thought it would be a brilliant idea to use Sparknotes and Wikipedia to help finds words to his essay. He was awarded a 0 in that particular piece of coursework. Continue reading →