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I’m not going to go on a large tangent here but following comments about my blog, it is a shame to see that views on my Economic perspective on #UOSM2033 issues are going amiss. This is going to be a very brief reflection.

I stick by my original ideas that Social Media has a massive impact on huge businesses. Given the fact that there has been greater global interdependence in the last decade than previous, Social Media is raising concerns that these businesses need to have greater social responsibility.

Given the example of shell, without the work of Charmian Gooch and other experts, the corruption within Shell and their exploitation of Nigeria’s natural oil reserves would have gone unrecognised.

I still adhere to the fact that global interdependence is greater for all given that the advantages are greater than the disadvantages as discussed in my blog.

I commented on Andy’s blog, questioning him on the feasibility of implementing more Police Officers to combat ‘Trolls’ on Twitter. Whilst we agree that given current cuts in government spending, such a task may be unfeasible, there is no possible better solution. Looking back at Andy’s blog he suggested that the Police send formal warnings to perpetrators. Whilst this may sound productive, a small minority of these trolls are psychopaths and this gives them stronger incentive to reoffend. I see this solution as a short term solution to solving the problem of trolling on Twitter. Also given the flexibility of creating new accounts without direct action, very little can indeed be done.

Looking forward to the next #UOSM2033 blog: Accessing online materials!

Aumar :)

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