You should submit your initial response to the Discussion Question by the end of Day 7 of each topic. Postings are not academic essays, the style is much more informal. But this still means it should be clearly written, in good English and be spell-checked.

You should reference a minimum of 2 sources of supporting evidence to your answer from authoritative sources (peer reviewed journals, textbooks or respected blogs, for example).

Subsequently, you are expected to participate with 2 follow-on postings commenting on your peers’ answers by the end of Day 10 of each topic (150 words x 2) and a reflective summary of your learning by the end of day 14 of each topic (300 words). See the separate handout Reflective Writing for more information about this.

The postings you make on the blog for topic 1 are NOT formally assessed. You should treat these two weeks as an opportunity to familiarise yourselves with this approach to study, and gain feedback from your tutor which you can use to improve your future postings.

You are encouraged to make use of related academic and professional journals to supplement the module materials and to assist in the preparation of assignments. Many of these materials can be accessed through the University of Southampton e-library.

Module Assessment Summary

  1. Online interactions (Please note that Day 1 of each topic is a MONDAY)
Set Question Assessment Answer set question on discussion board (by end of day 7)Guide: 400 words per topic 2 x comments on the work of other students (by end of day 10)
Guide: 2 x 150 words per topic
Reflective summary (by end of day 14)
Guide: 300 words per topic
10/10 Topic 1: Explain the concept of digital “visitors” and “residents” drawing upon your own online experiences to date Formative X X X
24/10 Topic 2: Discuss the arguments for and against having more than one online identity. Summative X X X
7/11 Topic 3: Discuss the ways in which an authentic online professional profile can be developed. Summative X X X
21/11 Topic 4: Evaluate the ethical issues raised by the use of social media Summative X X X
5/12 Topic 5: explain the advantages and disadvantages to a content producer of making their materials freely available online Summative X X X
Breakdown of marks 20% 10% 20%
  1. Portfolio
Task Content Percentage of overall assessment
Write a 500 word summary blog post which:
  1. Provides the evidence base for the development of your own online professional profile during this module. (For example, links to your twitter account, LinkedIn profile and other relevant online content.) Compare your current online activities with how you used these channels before the module began – use the
    self test document
  2. Reflects upon what you have learned during the module about living and working online and how you will take this forward into the future.
50% Submission date 10th Jan 2017

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