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This isn’t the last you’ll see of me

Prior to this module, my presence online was not as successful as I had believed. Re-reading my pre-module quiz highlights how little I knew about having an Online Presence, including my own. Though I had a Facebook account and a Twitter; that was it. But even the way I used Twitter, did not utilise its potential. The way I now use Twitter, the connections I have has completely changed through this module. Continue reading →

Spotify: A Controversial Topic Summary.

This week’s blog post sparked a huge amount of discussion with engagement across #UOSM2033 and #MANG2049. I began the week by looking at UOSM2033 blog posts by Catherine and Pippa both on very different areas of open access to those I had discussed. Pippa introduced me to Wix: @Anna_93 @PippaEDavies You can create your own site, Anna :) Take a look at our free website templates: — Wix. Continue reading →

Breaking down the four walls of a classroom: social media in education

For this weeks blog I have made a Vlog, check it out bellow!     References: Allie Bidweu, “Check out that selfie: how to use social media in the classroom”, [accessed 20.11.14] Editorial, “Twitter abuse: easy on the messenger”,  [accessed 19.11. Continue reading →

Topic 3: Time to reflect.

During this topic, I have not solely engaged with those involved on the course, networking with other Twitter users. Reflecting the topic starting point- discussing an authentic online presence- has given me the chance to treat twitter “like a cocktail party”, networking through it. One of these was a conversation with EvolvewebsiteDesign, to read click on the tweet bellow. Continue reading →

Topic 2: A reflection

My original post, “Who am I?” written just over a week ago marked the middle of my two week module on online identities. Through interacting with the class my knowledge for the topic has grown. By reading Sophie’s blog, I quickly discovered we have opposing opinions. I believe we should present ourselves professionally at all times on the web, Sophie believes we should use social media for its social purpose: establishing we both use social media differently. Continue reading →

Topic 2: “Who am I then?”

Online identity: the sum of the characteristics and interactions you make online. These may be personal identities, created by you or profiles made for you. We always need to be careful with what we leave behind on the web, being conscious of our digital footprint. We must pay attention to our online identity, and therefore be aware of how we display ourselves to others via the web. One comment can cause damage to our reputation, affecting our everyday life. Continue reading →