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Topic 3

Building a professional online profile

Topic 3: Reflection.

This topic was a bit of a challenge for me as I have never personally been inclined into making my self internet known. Using MaTTcom as an example made me appreciate people who put effort into their online profile even more. After reading other people’s blogs I soon realise how naive I was into thinking that the popularity is a lot, if not totally, luck based. Continue reading →

Developing an online professional profile : Reflection

This fortnight’s topic had me blogging about building one’s online professional profile. The concept of this topic was relatively new to me as I had not really given much thought as to creating a professional online profile as of yet. Therefore this topic was actually a very enlightening one for me as I discovered many different areas of the web where you can create an authentic professional profile. Continue reading →

Standing Out in a Crowd – A Reflection

I am now half way through my module UOSM2033: Living and Working on the Web and feel as though I am really learning things, with the topics and the discussions that I’m having certainly impacting on how I conduct myself on the web, in what I feel is for the better. This reflection will on Topic 3, which required me to look into ones online professional profile and how it can be developed. Continue reading →

Topic 3 – Looking Back

This week was focused on building your online professional profile. Again there was some good variation between the blogs. I mainly focused on the informal/social aspect of professional online profiles, highlighting the importance of authenticity. Freya’s blog agreed with my suggestion of creating multiple accounts across multiple websites under the same name and updating them regularly with genuine information. Which she cleverly named ‘authentic self-brand’. Continue reading →

Topic 3 Reflection

I went into this week’s topic looking to do something a bit different, as I am becoming bored of writing and reading the same old blog posts. Luckily I had very positive feedback on the structure, with Freya, Calum and Nabeel commenting that they found the step-by-step guide user friendly and interesting. Calum also gave me some useful feedback as he pointed out the missing stage of actually interacting with employers, rather than hoping they will seek you out (unlikely). Continue reading →

Topic 3 – Reflection of a reflection.

I have now passed the half way stage with my #UOSM 2033 Living and Working on the Web blog and it’s refreshing to understand more about what exactly I use the internet for. Topic 1 looked at Le Cornu’s concept of Digital Residents and Visitors. Topic 2 Looked at the problems arisen from Online Identities, Privacy and Security. Topic 3 has taken these past two topics a step further. Continue reading →

What I learned this week

Some really interesting posts this week with Anna’s post being the most creative and Jess’s post being the most user friendly.  A lot of blogs mentioned the usual culprits of Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and the importance of having an updated and connected profiles so that we are easier to find. Andy mentioned that it’s very difficult to get your profile noticed on google if you have a common name. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 3

I really enjoyed this week’s topic given it’s relevance for final year students like myself who are looking to kick-start their post-university careers, and interact with employers online. In this week’s blog, I considered the benefits of firstly using LinkedIn to create a professional presence online and then looked at how Twitter is emerging as a social media platform which facilitates interactions with employers on all levels from companies. Continue reading →

Ch-ch-changes: Reflection

Whilst working on this blog post, it was immediately apparent to me that for different people, developing one’s professional online profile would be a very different task depending on what one was trying to achieve. I found Jess’s blog post a particularly noble attempt to create a checklist of steps for anyone to take in developing your profile – everything she wrote would be of use to anyone trying to utilise social media. Continue reading →

Topic 3 Reflective Summary

I have enjoyed reading the variety of approaches taken by UOSM2033 students for this week – it has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of this topic quite a bit. It has been interesting to see the structure of everyone’s blog posts change (not only regarding the content of the text itself but also the creativity in their presentation (see Anna’s effective use of prezi in her blog post, for example). Continue reading →

Topic 3 – Reflection

This topic was particularly interesting; it seemed to have an incredible amount of scope and opportunity, so I decided to create a very brief guide that seems to have been received fairly well (see comments below). As the module is named Living and Working on the Web, it was great to see a topic that encapsulated it. As with other students on the course, and like the last topic, blog posts seemed to reflect on personal experience. Continue reading →

The Story of MaTTcom: “Mediocre Freelance Artist” to General Manager of CLG

MaTTcom Matthew “MaTTcom” Marikian is currently the General Manager of Counter Logic Gaming, an eSports organisation based on one of the most popular current games, League of Legends. I will be using MaTTcom’s successful journey through the eSports scene as an example of  the right steps to take in which to develop an authentic online professional profile. Continue reading →

Developing Authentic Online Profiles

Authenticity: Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine Outside of the web we determine authenticity through appearance, human interactions and ID cards. On the web these methods aren’t plausible due to the fundamental lack of face-to-face contact. So how do we perceive others authenticity online? As discussed in the previous topic, the ease at which we can create multiple bogus accounts has led to a minefield of profiles online. photo credit: Dev. Continue reading →