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Digital Piracy for the Win!!!

Two momentous events happened this week, Pirate Bay went under (hopefully not for long) and I considered why I use peer-to-peer sites to share files. The Pirate Bay may be down but the idea it created of free and collaborative internet has taken root amongst us and the new generation and an idea will never die. Dominic talked about how the film and music industry is under threat from file sharing websites but he oversimplified a nuanced scenario in the entertainment industry. Continue reading →

Create and Share!

I have never bought a movie or album online, ever but I listen to music online everyday and I’m a massive film buff. This is a blog that is publicly available and no doubt an employer will peruse one day so I’m going to self censor myself now. Is it wrong to share what you own with whoever you want to?  Billion $ conglomerates will tell you with a straight face that sharing what you own is wrong . Continue reading →

Am I smarter this week?

Ethics are hard to discuss when the social media is barely out of its infancy. We are still getting used to be globally connected, interacting with other cultures whose sense of ethics vastly differs from ours. Calum alluded to this when he suggested in hs comment o Adam’s blog that what’s right and the norm in the UK would be against the very fibre of being in another culture. Continue reading →

Ethics? What Ethics?!

As personal social media use has exploded, businesses have spotted an opportunity. They have never had such an access to free and personal information on consumers, the data is genuine, easily accessible and best of all costs nothing. Products and services can now be tailored for individual consumers with information obtained from their posts, clicks and cookies. Continue reading →

What I learned this week

Some really interesting posts this week with Anna’s post being the most creative and Jess’s post being the most user friendly.  A lot of blogs mentioned the usual culprits of Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and the importance of having an updated and connected profiles so that we are easier to find. Andy mentioned that it’s very difficult to get your profile noticed on google if you have a common name. Continue reading →