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Final Reflection or is it?

Needless to say I am loving every second of this blog. As I mentioned in one of my tweets @aumar_days: (If you haven’t done so, follow me!) And I wholly stick by it! It is refreshing to see so many different point of views being shared across the same topics. This week the topic given to class #UOSM2033 was about the ‘advantages and disadvantage of open access. Continue reading →

RE: Topic 5: Open Access

Excuse the late post but I wanted to read the work of my fellow peers of #UOSM2033 before posting my own opinion. From my own experiences, the earliest case of plagiarism taken seriously was in my English GCSE class where a classmate of mine had thought it would be a brilliant idea to use Sparknotes and Wikipedia to help finds words to his essay. He was awarded a 0 in that particular piece of coursework. Continue reading →

Global Interdependence for all?

Ethics – A system of moral principles that branch off philosophy. Dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and the goodness and badness of other motives and ends of such actions. [1] Global connectivity has undoubtedly made the world a better place. People can exchange goods without the need for cash. Conversations can occur between two people from different ends of the planet. Continue reading →

Topic 3 – Reflection of a reflection.

I have now passed the half way stage with my #UOSM 2033 Living and Working on the Web blog and it’s refreshing to understand more about what exactly I use the internet for. Topic 1 looked at Le Cornu’s concept of Digital Residents and Visitors. Topic 2 Looked at the problems arisen from Online Identities, Privacy and Security. Topic 3 has taken these past two topics a step further. Continue reading →