Study Guide

Module activity summary

  • Introductory Workshop: 6th October 2016 11am in 2/1079
  • Weekly labs: Starting  14th October 9am – 10am in 2/3041
  • Online discussions (5 topics in total, one topic per fortnight)

For queries and sharing useful links, use twitter with the hashtag #UOSM2033

A full copy of the Study Guide with assessment rubrics is posted in the “Module Information” section of Blackboard.

Additional resources are posted on ScoopIt. and our Innovation in Higher Education Blog

Module Learning Outcomes

After completing this module you should:

  1. be proactive, confident and flexible adopters of a range of web and mobile technologies for personal, academic and professional use
  2. use appropriate web and mobile technologies effectively to search for, store and curate relevant information
  3. be equipped to reflect upon and critically evaluate the information obtained
  4. engage creatively and productively in relevant online communities
  5. be familiar with the use of collaboration tools to facilitate networking, group work and project management
  6. be aware of the challenges inherent in ensuring online privacy and security
  7. have developed appropriate communication skills for peer and tutor interaction within an ‘always on’ environment

WEEKLY DROP-IN SESSIONS (9 – 10 am in Fridays in 2/3041)

14/10 Getting started with WordPress – troubleshooting
21/10 Getting started with WordPress – troubleshooting
28/10 Topic 1 feedback workshop
4/11 Tools for creating graphics/images/infographics
11/11 Topic 2 feedback workshop
18/11 Tools for creating animated videos and/or presentations
25/11 Topic 3 feedback workshop
2/12 General troubleshooting session
9/12 Topic 4 feedback workshop
16/12 General troubleshooting session

Topic by Topic Timetable

6th Oct Introduction – how the module works, expectations, outcomes 2/1079
14th October (and weekly thereafter) Getting started with building your professional digital profiles 2/3041
10 to 23 Oct Topic 1: Evaluating information quality, digital visitors/residents ONLINE
24 Oct to 6 Nov Topic 2: Online identity, privacy, security. ONLINE
7 – 20 Nov Topic 3: Employability: networking, social capital and reputation building ONLINE
21 Nov – 4 Dec Topic 4: Challenges/ethics of ‘real time’ social media, digital divide, citizenship ONLINE
5 Dec – 18 Dec Topic 5: Open access, IP, creative commons. ONLINE

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