Reflection – topic 4 overview

Due to the fact that I changed my course in the last minutes, I was a few week behind every one. Topic 4 is actually the first topic I engaged, therefore I have significantly less experience than my course mates. However, I have tried my best to catch up with an effort to complete things in time, and I did.

The first time I see the topic, I was a bit hesitated to choose the path. Whether I should choose to research on ethnicity in the use of media in education, or business. Finally, I chose education, because I’m a student, and i want to choose something i can relate to my own experience, as it’s an easier topic for a new comer like me.

Other writers, on the other hand, seemingly interested in the use of media in business, which make sense, because the amount of information you can research for this topic is vastly overcome educationally related topic. My excitement had been built up along with my reading over others’ blogs, not only because of what knowledge I learnt, but also what skill I’ve learnt from thier writing. For example, Hafizuddin’s blog refer to the undesirable issues with media of businesses and their consumers, which is interesting, however, the initial factors attracts readers’ attentions is his title: How you get scammed and get six packs at the same time.  What a good strategy to show your humour and make readers like you.

These paragraph are only mind opinion of what I have engaged with my first topic. I look forward to have more professional reflection in the future, when I am use to this very new type of studying.


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