The ethical issue of publicly disparaging others online: a Reflection

This week, I looked at the risks companies go through to disparage their competitors whilst increasing their own identity. One which I found particularly fun was  Taco Bell’s advert, and their included portrayal of McDonalds “old -news” breakfast menu. Luckily for Taco Bell,  it worked in their favour as they generated a lot of interest, but imagine what would have happened if it hadnt! Im guessing McDonalds would have jumped on that immediately, promoting the idea that Taco Bells menu is disgusting whilst their own is more favourable!

But of course, there are those who sometimes mispredict the severity of a tweet or status, thus enduring the consequences of the public response. Take Justine Sacco’s  tweet for example. For the life of me, I don’t understand how she could not predict that there would be such an uproar of responses. To be fair, she initially only had 200 followers, so probably didnt think that the tweet would retweeted and consequently end up on the news. This made me release that even if you think “oh, it wont happen to me…”, it certainly can!

In Andysug’s blog, he mentioned online-policing; something used to  reduce the issue of  offensive-aimed comments, i.e trolling. This helped me to understand why action needs to be taken, even though I couldnt help thinking about the growing population of online users, which as a result means an increase on the number of trolls. Moreover, what also makes it difficult for online-police, which  Jess brought up in her comment, is freedom of speech.  How are offensive comments supposed to be reduced if people are allowed to say what they want?

I’ve realised it’s the importance of a report button which helps control offensive comments. Id encourage anyone to use it if they ever feel that they need to.



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