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Welcome to #UOSM2033

We hope you enjoy our Curriculum Innovation module. I’m sure it will be quite a different learning experience for you :-) This post contains important information and useful links. Please read it carefully… There will be an introductory face to face session to explain how the module works on 6th October at 11am in 2/1079. Continue reading →

Final Thoughts on Living and Working On The Web

When I first started using the internet back when I was a mere 10 year old I wouldn’t have thought ten years later my internet activity would be directly responsible in me getting a university degree. UOSM2033 has been more than just another module to pass and it has given me a different perspective on what it means to be an internet citizen and how your internet activity can relate to how you are off the internet. Continue reading →

The Final Round Up

After 5 months of studying the “Living and working on the web” module I’m pleased to say that I’ve learnt many useful skills that I will hopefully be able to apply to future tasks – whilst studying at university and beyond. As I study Economics, and have an analytical academic background (studying Maths, Physics and Economics at A level) the art of researching and publishing articles is completely new to me. I can definitely say that this course has improved these skills. Continue reading →

All good things must end.

Unlike every other module I’ve done at this university, UOSM2033 has been pretty much entirely based around communication. This has been a very interesting difference, as people have been able to put their points of view across strongly and actually try to better each other’s understanding while going about it. In some ways I think everyone has learnt a lot from it, and by the end views were not so disparate as they might have been at the start of the module. Continue reading →

The end is nigh! (…or is it the end of the beginning? )

As a I sit down to  write my last blog for #uosm2033, I think back to my first written piece:  understanding the concepts of digital visitors and residents. Delving into research for that week, I concluded that I am a digital resident. But now, with ten weeks under my belt of understanding digital media and the importance of online communication, I can very much say that I am not the resident I thought I was. Continue reading →

The final act: A Refelction of Living and Working on the Web

And so here it is, the final post of my module Living and Working on the Web. I’ll start with the things I have learnt during the module that I feel were most important and useful, which, unsurprisingly, are the things I will also take into future modules. The first of these is the use of informal, yet reliable, sources, even if it’s just to get a background of a topic. Continue reading →

From Zero to Hero: Living and Working on the Web

On commencing the module Living and Working on the Web, I had never written a public blog before, but now, 15 weeks down the line, I have a fully functioning, Google-able blog, in which I have been able to consider and discuss a range of subjects. Following one of my most successful blog posts, “Have you heard of me, and if not why not?”, I decided to use the same format to present my discoveries and hopes for the future. Continue reading →

This isn’t the last you’ll see of me

Prior to this module, my presence online was not as successful as I had believed. Re-reading my pre-module quiz highlights how little I knew about having an Online Presence, including my own. Though I had a Facebook account and a Twitter; that was it. But even the way I used Twitter, did not utilise its potential. The way I now use Twitter, the connections I have has completely changed through this module. Continue reading →