Welcome to #UOSM2033

We hope you enjoy our Curriculum Innovation module. I’m sure it will be quite a different learning experience for you :-)

This post contains important information and useful links. Please read it carefully…

  • There will be an introductory face to face session to explain how the module works on 6th October at 11am in 2/1079.
  • The first of the weekly lab sessions takes place at 9am on 14th October in 2/3041. The purpose of these “drop in” sessions is for you to ask questions and get feedback on the development of your own professional online profiles. They are not compulsory.
  • You will be setting up your own blogs in order to produce the module materials. All posts on your blogs that you tag #UOSM2033 will be aggregated into this blog.
  • There are 5 categories of posts (Topic 1 – Topic 5) each representing one of the module themes. You can therefore view all submitted posts by category, and you should make sure that your own posts are given the correct category or they will get lost! Full details are in the Study Guide.
  • If you have questions the best way to contact us for a quick reply is via Twitter. Please make sure you use the #UOSM2033 hashtag.
  • To give you an idea of the contribution required, check out #uosm2008 and this note about Reflective Writing. In addition, Topic 1 posts are not assessed so the whole first section should be taken as an opportunity to practice. Check out the Assessment page for full details.
  • Make sure you complete and blog the self test as you will need to refer back to it at the end of the mdoule to assess your progress.

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