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Topic 2 2015

One Online Identity or Many: A Reflection

The debate between the ideas of one online identity or many is one that is too complex and far reaching to ever be settled in one 400 word blog post. I felt like I took a balanced approach to the topic and covered some good topics, there were so many others that were brought up by my peers. Katie mentioned the idea of having multiple profiles to separate your personal and professional lives. Continue reading →

Reflection on Online Identities

The topic for debate this week was the arguments for and against having multiple online identities. My short blog merely scratched the surface of this topic; I highlighted that companies are able to analyse the data written online to build an online identity for yourself (which may not be a true representation) for what Todd described as “capitalist success”. Continue reading →

Topic 2 Reflection

When writing about this topic, I thought I had covered as much as possible within the word limit. However, after reading other students’ posts, I realised that i barely skimmed the surface of the subject! I interpreted the question as a personal one, so I wrote about the advantages and disadvantages, as an individual, of having one or more online identities. After reading other blog posts, it seems most people answered the question from a more general perspective. Continue reading →

Reflection on having multiple online identities

This fortnight my blog post focused on the positive and negative aspects of having multiple online identities which raises lots of ethical issues about privacy and the use of fake accounts. I found that Russell Kingsfield’s blog raised some very good points to do with the privacy aspect of this topic. He shows the problems that would come with having no anonymity online and how it would affect how whistleblowers are able to release information. Continue reading →

Reflecting Upon Topic 2

This is a topic that a lot of people from younger generations are quite familiar with, as the internet grows more and more popular as time goes by. After working and getting familiar with this topic, I have learned a lot more about why people have more than one identity and why having more than one identity can be harmful to others. To be specific, I learned more about catfishing by reading about it online and on Lphenix‘s and on Hollie‘s blogs. Continue reading →

Revisiting: Online Personas

When initially talking about this topic, I focused on the online personas that are created under a users own agency. After reading this post I realise that I forgot to look at one of the important aspects of online profiles, and that is the profiles that are created for us. This is something that expands on my previous point […] The post Revisiting: Online Personas appeared first on Russell Kingsfield. Continue reading →

Reflection of Topic 2

When I writing my topic 2 blog I thought my viewpoints are good. But when I watching my peer’s blogs, there are some viewpoints that I never think of them and I really learnt a lot. In my blog, I only discussed the online security and many people prefer to share their life and opinion without people knowing. Actually, these two ideas just a small part of advantages and disadvantages of many online identities. Continue reading →

Online identities: Reflecting on Topic 2

This week’s topic of online identities has broadened my knowledge of online personas and security. For my blog post, I explored the implications of having multiple online identities and weighed up the pros and cons. I considered my own ‘online footprint’ and brought up my own relevant experiences of having multiple online identities for different purposes. I began to think about the amount we share unintentionally- for example, the ‘cookies’ we leave behind. Continue reading →

Spurred Into Action!

This latest blog post looked at the positives and negatives of multiple online identities, of which there are many. Again, online identity is not something I had given much thought to, even though as a psychology student the concept of identity comes up often. Reading the other blogs and comments I am confident that the positives of online identities outweigh the negatives. Michael commented on my blog ‘anonymity-when used ethically-can be a very positive tool’. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflective Summary

Once again, I’ve learned a lot from my peers’ blog posts this week, which has made me think about online identities in a different way than I had initially. In my blog I touched upon the issue of being universally identifiable online, and how it is arguably within our right to maintain some level of privacy online if we choose. Lewis provided a useful comment on my blog, explaining that some people benefit from being anonymous online. Continue reading →

Reflecting on multiple online identities

The most challenging part of blogging about online identities was concluding at 400 words as there is simply so much to say and expand on. I was blown away by my colleagues’ imaginative responses; while I concentrated more on separating the advantages from the disadvantages to reach a conclusion, others focused on specific elements within the topic. Bryony discusses the benefits of separating our personal and professional identities online which is something I practice myself. Continue reading →

Reflecting on Multiple Online Identities

In their comments on my initial post, both Hollie and Leah highlighted my mention of Alessandro Ludovic’s opinion that having multiple online identities can have mean that we start to have multiple offline identities too. Hollie highlighted this blog post for me which I found extremely interesting. As the author of this blog post points out, even before the internet was thought of, people have always adapted their behaviour depending on the audience. Continue reading →