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Topic 5 2015

Open Access but who has the key?

Taken from: I had not considered this week’s topic before and open access was very interesting. I had considered the topic from a very charitable point of view with information being given freely so others could build off it and advance various communities through its educational purposes. Continue reading →

Reflecting upon the open access debate

I felt like most of the other posts this week focused more on the open access debate than other types of content producers. It was interesting reading Tom’s blog and his take on open source software. As a computer scientist it was very useful learning about what constitutes open source and learning about the impact that it can have on bug fixes and communities adding to your software. Continue reading →

Reflection: Open Access

In my initial blog on this topic, I focused mostly on the academic aspect of Open Access. But the principle of Open Access can stretch across many mediums. Jamie’s blog talked about Open Access from the perspective of streaming services allowing people access to vast libraries of content. Sophie’s blog discussed Open Access from a content creators perspective. […] The post Reflection: Open Access appeared first on Russell Kingsfield. Continue reading →

A Reflection for Everyone!

The provided material for this week’s blog only emphasised the need for open access in the research industry. I felt this was somewhat limited as open access affects all types of industry, as such I highlighted how it can be utilised in the music industry specifically through streaming services. Lewis also highlighted how open access can affect the music industry, however I was unsure what he meant by the artist ‘releasing their music for free’. Continue reading →

Reflecting on Open Access

For this weeks blog I discussed the benefits of Open Source software as a response to the topic on Open Access. Open Source software has become a very popular subject over the last few years and one of many areas affected by the Open Access debate. I enjoyed engaging in the comparison between open and closed source development however, as always, struggled to keep my argument brief. Continue reading →

Reflecting on Topic 5: Looking back at Open Access

I’ve decided to do something different for this week’s final post. Instead of a blog, I’ve filmed a video blog (vlog) to discuss what I’ve learnt from this week’s topic on the pros and cons of a content producer uploading their materials online for free. Within the video, I discuss how I feel my blog went and any comments I received, as well as several blogs from my fellow colleagues, Lucy and Lewis, which I found particularly interesting. Continue reading →


Last week in my topic 4 reflection I questioned whether I would have been better off using a PowToon or a vlog for my blog post. So, for this week’s blog I decided to do a Prezi, I had never done one before so I was a dubious that it would work. Needless to say I had a lot of fun creating it; it’s always nice to do something different. James gave me some constructive feedback on my blog. He thought my Prezi was disjointed and didn’t really flow. Continue reading →

Topic 5 Reflection

This week saw us looking at Open Access and the general idea of making content free over the internet. My post was centred around the debate of having scientific journals and publications being made free to view online. I read on Chris‘s about making games and movies free, which wasn’t what I thought it was. Chris argued how the use of piracy was seen as a form of competition by firms, in which websites like Spotify and Netflix came to be. Continue reading →

Looking back at Topic 5

The issue of free web content is an extremely important one for us as students. Hollie made a similar point to me in terms of how frustrating publisher sites can be when researching a topic. I took a slightly different approach on how this could be changed in the long term, advocating a shift towards advertising rather than personal or institutional subscriptions. Continue reading →

Reflection Topic 5

For my final reflection of the module I’ve decided to make a Prezi, reflecting on the issues raised during Topic 5. Enjoy, and please leave any comments below! All articles mentioned and images used can be found here: Blog Header Image Initial Image Publications in the UK Image  Article Lucy linked to in her comment on my initial blog post. The Guardian Article on Libraries and Open Access. Lewis’ Blog Taylor Swift Articles 1 and 2  Lucy’s blog and discussion in comments. Continue reading →

Topic 5: Reflective Summary

My blog this week largely focused on the arguments against open access in the academic and research field in general. However, as an Arts student and someone interested specifically in the creative industries, I enjoyed reading the blogs that focused on the positives of open access in these creative areas. Jamie’s blog discussed open access in terms of music streaming. Continue reading →

Advantages and disadvantages of open access

Traditional publishing model of printing books is complex which needs to consider colors, figures, etc. Not only the cost of publishing is expensive, but needs to spent more vigor. With our life starts to enter the digital era, printing books are replaced by internet books gradually. The advantages of publishing model of internet books include publishing conveniently, the cost of publishing cheap and is easy to publish a mass of data information. Continue reading →

Sharing Your Content Online for Free: Why or Why Not?

By posting your content online, you enable yourself to have more people reference/cite your work and more people can see it as opposed to publishing it in a journal where payment is required in order to gain access to said publication. Another positive about using Open Access is that government grants and funding have gone into it so that your work is supported by the government. Continue reading →

Open Access

Anyone who has grown up using the internet is used to having a wealth of information and resources freely available to use. Of course there is the cost of connecting to the internet, paid to an internet service provider, but once you’ve paid that there is a vast sea of content waiting to be explored. However, this content is not free to produce – someone, somewhere has put time, effort and perhaps money into producing the material. Continue reading →

Open Access – Music For Everyone?

There are many advantages and disadvantages for a content producer to make their materials freely available online. These vary depending on the intended use of the content and what the producer would like to receive from publishing this content. For those that are new to the concept of open access, the following video details it clearly for research’s producers publishing journals: The research industry is not alone in the conflict of open access. Continue reading →