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Topic 3 2015

Reflecting on Creating a Professional Online Profile

So I decided to throw caution to the wind and take a unique approach to the topic, talking about creating an online professional profile in order to work independently in a creative field. The topic is a lot bigger than I made it out to be however; for instance creations can be crowd-funded using Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or Patreon. My post also ended up effectively becoming a glorified Reddit advert. Continue reading →

Reflecting upon how to build a professional online profile

This weeks topic created some divide between ways to approach the question we were given. Some people created how to guides and step-by-step instructions on what you can do to create a better online profile whereas others focused more on the impacts of having a good professional profile. Russell wrote a very interesting blog post where he clearly outlined the steps he felt were necessary to create a professional online profile. Continue reading →

Topic 3 Reflection

This topic was all about developing a professional online profile, which includes websites like LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become a very important website for people who want to connect with companies and potentially get work from companies on LinkedIn. However, from reading other blog posts, LinkedIn isn’t the only website to look at if you’re trying to promote yourself online. Continue reading →

Reflection of Topic 3: develop professional profile

Actually, for me, I make a big progress as I finished my topic 3 blog because I got 3 comments for my blog. I always think I cannot write good articles because I am not native. It can makes my articles do not have logicality and wrong grammar and the parts of speech. However, though my peers’ comments pointed many shortages, they confirmed my article which makes me so surprised. In my blog, what I explained is the internet era is coming. Continue reading →

Online professional profiles: Reflecting on Topic 3

This week, it has been interesting to read and write about creating an authentic professional profile, while developing my own on LinkedIn. I am in the process of updating my professional profile for LinkedIn. I have long noticed the value of blogging from my own personal blog. Bryony commented asking me about this (I replied as I have to all my comments) and I have to say, I really write about whatever I want to at the time. Continue reading →

More than a Suit

Image from : After last week’s topic, I decided to create a professional profile of my own on LinkedIn using the knowledge that I had learnt from that week. Looking back on it now, at the time I tried to make my profile fairly extensive to demonstrate I was taking the profile seriously. Continue reading →

Another look at developing a professional online profile

Developing an authentic online professional profile can be as simple as signing up to LinkedIn but if you want to really get noticed you need more and there is a lot more you can do. My latest blog post mentioned 5 key things that you can do to develop your online professional profile and that didn’t even cover everything. Tom and Lucy both pointed out how important networking can be. The larger your network the more likely you are to find opportunities. Continue reading →

Revisiting: Professional Profiles

In my original post I talked a lot about methods of hosting your content and presenting yourself, how it’s important that you have control over your own image, but I didn’t touch much on how to actually market yourself – which is arguably just as important as the image you are presenting. You can have […] The post Revisiting: Professional Profiles appeared first on Russell Kingsfield. Continue reading →

Reflecting on Topic 3: Developing your online professional profile

LinkedIn – Useful but not our only option. Via Pixabay – I found this week’s topic particularly difficult to be original and creative. There seems to be one aspect of developing one’s authentic professional profile that everyone focussed on – LinkedIn. There’s no denying its usefulness, allowing people the ability to showcase their professionalism, apply for jobs and create networks to expand their connections. Continue reading →

Looking back on authentic professional profiles

 Source Topic three’s discussion of developing authentic online profiles was incredibly insightful and plagued with original responses. While I introduced a ‘how to’ approach, others engaged with key areas in developing an authentic personal brand. Leah made me consider the possible mistakes that we can make as we build our professional profile, such as failing to separate our personal from our professional lives. Continue reading →

Reflecting on Professional Profiles

This week’s blog topic was rather more difficult to be creative with, it was quite easy to view a professional profile as simply a good LinkedIn profile and a tidy, well presented online presence. However, the web is far more diverse than this, with many tools at an employee’s fingertips to develop a professional profile and to help find that all important job. Continue reading →

Looking back at Topic 3

Maintaining a professional online presence is something that students really need to do – be it through one (very carefully) edited profile, or separate sites for home and work. I have never really understood employers’ reasons for monitoring the usually innocuous social media activity of their employees, but I know that they do. I am therefore aware that I must always update my profile with the expectation that future bosses are watching what I post. Continue reading →

Time to say goodbye: Developing Authentic Professional Profiles

Picture I took in 2010 at Bexhill Beach edited with: This week was about how a person can develop their professional online profile to be more authentic. I wrote that having a few social media accounts with full engagement was key and I listed some psychological tricks. The most significant and important fact I have learnt about the internet this week is 93% of recruiters use social media to find workers. Continue reading →

Building an online professional profile

Having an online professional profile is becoming increasingly important as companies change the way they recruit new employees. With the advent of social media, many companies are switching from the old methods of advertising job posts, to using social media platforms to advertise, look for new employees, and offer positions. In Jobvite’s 2014 social recruiting survey, 73% of employers planned to increase their investment in recruiting via social networks (https://www.jobvite. Continue reading →

Creating a Digital Professional Profile to become a Freelance Content Creator

The internet is a great tool for professionals. There are a lot of sites such as LinkedIn to help you find companies to work for and share your CV around with and the like. However, I have never had a  proper job – I can’t write about actual employment because I simply don’t know about it (but hey, maybe some of these UOSM2033 Topic 3 blog posts can help me out). Continue reading →

Do we need develop professional profile?

In the past, people needed to attentive and diligent to write a good CV, set type on the computer, print it out, give the CV to many companies, wait for reply of companies and interview for getting a good job which is so complicated. But now, internet era is coming. As Jobvite said “demand for skilled labor is high but supply is low. 69% of recruiters expect hiring to become more competitive in the next 12 months.” Compared with the real life, the internet has became a bigger talent market. Continue reading →