Final Thoughts on Living and Working On The Web

When I first started using the internet back when I was a mere 10 year old I wouldn’t have thought ten years later my internet activity would be directly responsible in me getting a university degree. UOSM2033 has been more than just another module to pass and it has given me a different perspective on what it means to be an internet citizen and how your internet activity can relate to how you are off the internet.


When I was thinking about what was in common in most of the things I’ve learnt from this module is the importance of balance. Relaying information through blog posts and comments, it is key to be concise and not to repeat the same points through out. In the earlier parts of this module I have found myself to sound like a broken record in more than a few occasions.

It is also important to maintain balance in how much personality I put in my work. I have to make sure not to sound like a textbook but at the same time don’t get carried away with subjective and biased rants.

I also learnt that it is necessary to see where people are coming from when they have made an opinion contradictory to mine. It is okay to be passionate about a cause or an opinion but at the same time being on the other side of the coin can go a long way in bettering oneself.

On the same note being passionate can stop you from simply being realistic. If a problem persists to exist for a long time, sometimes the most obvious solutions are just not that simple.

Leaving A Trace

The module has also taught me that  the world wide web is almost another realm and not just an extension of where we put information. As much as I have shied myself away from blogging I have decided to make more use of my instagram account by logging my journey in the sport of powerlifting. It has surprisingly stirred up a lot of discussion between my followers who are also into the sport. I have aspirations to start up a blog based on powerlifting (in conjunction with my dream to open a gym) but I will have to actually be credibly good at the sport first.


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