The Final Round Up


After 5 months of studying the “Living and working on the web” module I’m pleased to say that I’ve learnt many useful skills that I will hopefully be able to apply to future tasks – whilst studying at university and beyond.

As I study Economics, and have an analytical academic background (studying Maths, Physics and Economics at A level) the art of researching and publishing articles is completely new to me. I can definitely say that this course has improved these skills. This was evident from comparing the length of time that each weekly post has taken me to complete which reduced gradually each week. By the end of the course I felt that I could research online efficiently and effectively with ease.

After having looked at other fellow students’ progress with the course, I must admit I could have bolstered my online presence more. I wasn’t very active on my twitter account and didn’t sign up to LinkedIn, which some other students did. I will address this in the near future once I start applying for internships (obviously whilst keeping in mind the points I mentioned in my post).

However I was very pleased with the presentation of my blog posts and the actual blog – after taking Olja’s advice to alter the theme so it could display my twitter feed! I made a conscious effort to make sure there were plenty of interesting images on each post to make them pleasant to read, and I’m glad with the way it turned out.

I’d have to say that my favourite topic was the last one, where my opinion on the Spotify music service was completely turned on it’s head after Charlie’s comment on my post. This really highlighted the unique benefit that this module has compared to more traditional ones as this type of student interaction would never happen in another module.


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