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Topic 3

Reflection: Professional, not boring

I’ll admit, I approached this week with a sceptical outlook. At first glance, it seemed to me that I would be repeating much of what I said in the last topic, and following a guideline on creating a professional profile that appeared to be predetermined. However, as I progressed through my research and formed my own opinion I began to see ways to inject my own style and spin into the discussion. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 3

One thing I discover whilst researching this topic is how important having a good professional online profile is. A way to establish yourself online is through LinkedIn: something I talk in depth about in my blog. LinkedIn isn’t something I have but haven’t properly set up to “completion” which I should really do as I’m applying for placements and it’s a good site for recruiters to look at. Continue reading →

Reflection of Topic 3

                                                                           (Kisner,  2015) My blog this week was clear, to the point and well approached. Like me I realised many people didn’t understand the importance of authenticity before this topic. Therefore, I approached this week’s blog by explaining the theory and importance whilst giving some tips on how to make a blog authentic. One way to think of it, is marketing yourself. Continue reading →

Topic 3 Summary #UOSM2033

Image 1 – Source: Huffington Post The material in topic 3 was certainly more familiar to me than that covered in the previous two topics. This did not deter me from reading widely around the material beyond the sources covered in the suggested reading. I used information that I had learnt in August, when I began to build a more professional online profile for my use in the job application process. Continue reading →

Topic 3: Reflection

This topic has been by far the most enlightening and, consequently, my favourite topic to date. This is due to a multitude of reasons; Primarily, I found the topic to be very relevant to my personal life. As a third year, it goes without saying that the idea of gainful employment is becoming increasingly pressing and the possibility of furthering one’s chances of securing a job is therefore very appealing. Continue reading →

Reflections on Topic 3

The topic 3 question has opened my eyes to how far I have progressed since beginning this module. I was not aware how small my digital footprint was and how this could effect my job prospects. I have now added even more aspects to my online identity with the addition of an LinkedIn account as well as an page. The initial readings gave me a good understanding of where I ,and many others, go wrong. Continue reading →

Reflection of Topic 3

I think this week’s topic is really useful for me because online professional profile have already became a trend which we cannot avoid to use after graduation. Before doing this week topic I still thought traditional way of recruiting is the main stream. When I doing the foundation year my teacher used to teach us how to make a perfect resume, and it made me think a good resume is the only way to attacked recruiters. Continue reading →

Reflection: Topic 3

From researching Topic 3 this week I have now understood different ways to establish an online profile how it can make an individual employable. From reading various blogs and watching a number of YouTube tutorials on online profiles, I decided to look deeply into the best ways of making an online LinkedIn profile as this is where 79% of employers use to recruit and post job ads. Continue reading →

Refoection – topic 3 – creating an authentic professional profile which represents you

This third topic of building an authentic professional profile was something that I felt lead on well from the previous topic of online identities. A professional profile was something that if feel I could have elaborated on in topic 2 so this was a good opportunity to do so. One of the most surprising discoveries for me was the great extent to which LinkedIn is used for advertising jobs and finding employees. Continue reading →

Authenticity for Dummies…I was the dummy – Topic 3 Reflection

At the start of the topic, my understanding of an authentic online professional profile was one which is true and unique to a particular individual. Further ideas regarding this topic can be seen below. Picture sources at the end. However, from reading Davina’s blog, I understood that an authentic online professional profile can be developed across a range of platforms, not simply on those intended for professional reasons, but those created on social media sites aswell. Continue reading →

Reflection: Topic 3

Authenticity proved to be the differing factor between most blogs by my peers on this topic. It was evident we all knew the importance of having an authentic professional online identity, as almost everyone mentioned the part social media now plays in recruitment. However, there were many different interpretations of authentic. The most common interpretation was to take authentic, define it literally and apply it to an online profile. This means you are who you are offline, online. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary: Authentic Professional Profiles

I thought that this weeks topic linked very well with last weeks. I also have an authentic professional online profile and therefore had some understand on how to build one. After reading the statistics included on most other blog posts, having an online professional profile is extremely important. I assumed that a lot of people would already have a profile because of this. This is why I focused more on how to make that profile ‘authentic’ in my post. Continue reading →

Reflective summary: Topic 3 – ‘Marketing yourself online’

I thoroughly enjoyed the topic set this week as it gave me the chance to re-evaluate my own social profiles and presented a platform to share my advice, tips and experience in developing a professional digital profile. This week, I commented on Tobie’s blog as he mentioned the blogging medium to not play a huge part in recruiting. As this is module is based on blogging, I thought it was vital to get an opinion on the best way to advertise our blogs for recruiters to see. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary: Topic 3 – Online Professional Profiles

Through the last week or so I have established an understanding into the ways through which one can develop one’s online professional profile to stand out amongst other candidates and increase the chances of employment. Through reflecting on other people’s work, as well as others’ reflections on my work my ideas have developed further. Melak and I both agreed on the importance of having a LinkedIn profile. Continue reading →