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Signing Off on UOSM 2033 – The Last Post?

When reflecting on this module, the main question I felt I had to ask myself was, how has this module changed the way I use the web? Somewhat oddly, I found that it was not as much as I had expected, However I found there to be good reason for this and I also realised I had learnt a huge amount about myself why I use the internet the way I do in both my working and professional life, as the Slideshow below demonstrates. Continue reading →

Reflections on UOSM2033

This module has not just helped improve my online professional profile greatly, it has also opened my eyes to how being active and involved online can help with networking and ultimately job opportunities. Before this module, I did not have any form of professional online profile. I had a Facebook account, which was for personal use, but without knowing the content I was posting may have actually hindered my job prospects. Continue reading →

My Last Post … Or is it? | Final Reflection

The presentation below describes in an incredibly simplistic way my journey throughout this module. The image below demonstrates just how far I believe I have come. Topic by topic, here is how it all happened. Topic 1: Digital ‘Visitors’ and ‘Residents’ This topic allowed me to identify where I, at that time, laid on the continuum between visitor and resident. Continue reading →

Goodbye UOSM2033…

  Before I learnt Living and Working on the Web I always think I have already familiar with internet skills. It is easy for me to find what I want on the internet and I have a kind of confidence because my parents always come to ask me how to use smartphone or computer. However, when I started to learn this module I found the skills I master are childish and what I face is a huge challenge.     The biggest problem for me is my weak language. Continue reading →

Auf wiedersehen cyber buddies

In hindsight, UOSM 2033 has enhanced my online professional profile substantially, something all other modules I participate in cannot offer. Looking at my module self-review, above, my feeling towards all categories has increased. An area I am now most confident in is ‘participating in online communities’. Before UOSM 2033, I had never truly engaged in an online community, blogging hadn’t occurred to me as an online social activity. Continue reading →

It’s goodbye from me

Sitting in the introductory lecture for this module I really began doubting my choice in optional module. Having no lectures or formal seminars was a scary prospect but the communication with other bloggers was the key. I engaged with many of my peers, who questioned me to think further or from another viewpoint. This constant feedback in a sense, only helped to strengthen not only my posts, but also their ability to challenge me and present their own opinions. Continue reading →

Topic 6 – Goodbye UOSM2033…

When I began UOSM2033 back in October, it seemed odd to me that there could ever be a lecture, seminar and exam free module that worked so well for students. However, as each week went on, my confidence and knowledge of topics grew immensely. I have made a Prezi, linked below, that summarises my background prior to starting Living and Working on the Web, including the self test comparison! https://prezi. Continue reading →

My Learning Journey

This module has developed my skills, expanded my knowledge and changed my views of the Internet. To uncover just how far I have come, we must begin by looking back at one of the answers I provided within the self-test document. What in particular do you want to learn from the module? “I am entering with an open mind in regards to what I will learn. I feel the ability to write and maintain a blog will be invaluable, as well as the skills to create a range of online materials. Continue reading →

Farewell UOSM-2033

Living and Working on the Web (UOSM2033) has been an eye-opening experience. I have been able to develop my technical skills, becoming more aware of how to use visual effects to engage the audience. Furthermore, I believed that I had a presentable and professional online presence, however through the module I realised I was a long way from perfect and far from a digital resident. Continue reading →

Goodbye to USOM2003 – Hello to the World Wide Web

I have always felt like I have a high tech literacy rate, however, I have always been a hay person and this has made putting my views online a significant challenge. I used to hide behind a digital wall as even my photography website allowed me to show my work without revealing myself. That is why I chose UOSM2033 and if I were to take one thing away from this module it would be the gain in self-confidence that it has given me. Continue reading →

Final Reflection

UOSM2033 has been a breath of fresh air from the usual lecture and seminar focused modules. The sheer freedom and flexibility of when and how you write your post has allowed me to evenly spread my workload and also focus on applying for placements. I made the Infographic below to show a few of the many things I enjoyed about this module. At the start of this module we were asked to complete a self-test to help us track our progress. Continue reading →

All good things come to an end, but the end is just the beginning…

Living and Working on the Web was definitely a way of learning that I have never encountered before and it gave variance and freedom to my otherwise fixed timetable. I am a strong believer that working when motivated can produce much better results. The fact that I was left to choose when I wanted to learn as part of this module made it feel less like work and more like a hobby, even though what I have gained in terms of knowledge is huge. Continue reading →

Goodbye #UOSM2033! You’ve been great!

From looking at my initial self assessment, the scores alone reveal how uncomfortable I was with my own digital profile, it was clear to me there was much more to the internet than I originally thought (see graph). I specifically remember conversing with my peers after the introductory lecture, explaining my worries on how I would be able to write weekly blog posts and create my own blog. Continue reading →

Final Reflection: Every End is a New Beginning… Goodbye #UOSM2033

Living and Working on the Web (UOSM2033) has been a flexible, unique, innovative and modernised way of learning. It requires no exam, no lectures and no essays! My experience of this module has been enjoyable and has potentially created a new blogging hobby. UOSM2033 has allowed me to explore a different set of skills and build upon my digital CV. The video below demonstrates my skills, developed during this module, using digital tools. Continue reading →