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Final assessed posts 2015

Final Reflective Post – See you space cowboys…

  So the UOSM2033 module finally concludes and I can safely say that I have, in fact, lived and worked on the web. This is where I talk about my experience, what I’ve done, how I’ve done it, how I felt about it, and what I’ve learned. So blogging is a fairly new experience for me – I think I may have set up a couple of blogs in the past and made a few posts – but the newest experience is maintaining a blog. Continue reading →

Goodbye #UOSM2033#

Experienced discussion and study of five Topics, #UOSM2033# is going to finish eventually. To be honest, I am very happy because i don’t need to write blog every week anymore. But there is no doubt that I found I really leant a lot from one semester learning when I finished the self test.   1. In the beginning of this course, I thought I am a guy who know computer and the internet quite a lot. Continue reading →

A Final Reflection

Throughout my time on UOSM2033 I have been exposed to a very different style of learning compared with the rest of my degree. Coming from a technical background, I already had an idea of how important an online professional profile is, but this module has taught me various different ways of enhancing that profile and using the web to gain more of an online presence and become more attractive to potential employers. Continue reading →

Time to say goodbye to #UOSM2033.. To start this review post I wanted to Google myself to see what it would come up with, so I got my friend to do it and send me the pictures: I started my self test at the beginning of the module and it feels good completing it and seeing how far my online skills and profile have actually come. Each topic I have completed on this blog has helped to develop my online presence, especially in a professional sense. Continue reading →

Goodbye #UOSM2033!

When I first started #UOSM2033 and blogging, I had no idea this module was going to be this interesting and engaging. I’d like to start off by highlighting some of the extremely useful things I’ve learned through this module, the first of which being: the importance of being online.           In all honesty, I never realised how important being online could be to a potential employer, or how it could help me in being a more well-rounded candidate for a job. Continue reading →

It might be over, but it’s NOT the end!

I never thought I would feel anything other than excited about the end of a module, but UOSM2033 has surprised me. In terms of the self-test, I believe I have improved on almost everything since the start of the module.  At the beginning of UOSM2033 I didn’t pay too much attention to where I got my online information, but as the blog progressed I realised the importance of credible sources and topic 5 really brought it home for me. Continue reading →

My Final Reflective Post

I have chosen to finish #UOSM2033 in the same way I started it: by creating a website. Although I found navigating around WordPress difficult at the beginning of the module, once I got used to the facilities, I very much enjoyed creating blog posts. I have created a Weebly website where my final reflective post can be found as well as a Vlog which I made with a fellow blogger, Katie and a Storify which summarises my journey. The website also has links to all of my online identities. Continue reading →

Good Bye #UOSM2033! A Final Reflection

Well here it is – the end! These ten weeks of UOSM2033 have flown by and I can’t believe I’m sitting writing my final blog post for the module. It’s been different to anything I’ve studied during my four years as a student but it’s enriched me in a way that I will really be able to apply to my future (hopefully employed…) life. In terms of developing my online profile, I started a LinkedIn. Continue reading →

Living and Working on the Web

This module has been a departure from the highly technical degree that I have been studying for nearly 3 years. However, it has been an experience that I have really enjoyed, and has developed skills that other modules might not have. This post is an evaluation of the skills I have developed during this module. Continue reading →

Living and working on the web: A final reflection

Since September 2015, I have been making blog posts for the UOSM2033 module. Throughout this experience, I have learnt about the benefits and the risks of maintaining an online profile, and have also been able to develop my own substantially. I have developed my LinkedIn profile over the course of the first semester. I created an account a while ago and had forgotten about it. Now, I know its value, I have updated it with information about myself, experience, jobs and education. Continue reading →

Through the Looking Glass

Taken from: This module has been very different from anything else I have done so far. I was very anxious when starting as I had never taken part in one that took place solely online. I can now say with absolute confidence that it has been the most interesting module of this semester for me. My Online Profile Taken from: Continue reading →