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Second Year is Very Tough

Second year[1] is very tough. I mean, I'm not saying that to scare you; ECS is a vibrant, fun and clever place but the point still remains that second year is hard. I'm sure that the third years, attempting to remember what their lives were like before the third year project hand-in, would disagree. Actually, I distinctly remember an argument among some of them on this very subject. Continue reading →

Easter Break ‘Fun’

Having been back at home for two weeks already, the release of the dreaded summer exam timetable has inspired/frightened me into finally doing something productive this break after a lot of sleeping and catching up with friends! A blog entry might just fall under that description, and it provides a welcome distraction from memorising seemingly endless lists of UNIX commands! So, despite the looming prospect of five exams in seven days (thank you, weekend, for existing!), I thought I’d let you... Continue reading →

A Royal Visit

During my time in Southampton I’ve been privileged to meet some very important people. Back in March 2009 the then Cabinet Minister for Science and Innovation Lord Drayson came to visit and I was asked to take part in a small round-table discussion about the state of science education in the UK. Continue reading →

Exam Results Are Back!

Today was a very eventful day. Aside from the less obvious (the music DVD I won arriving in the post) we got our exam results back! Looking back to a month ago (already?! these four weeks passed in an instant really!), when everybody was struggling to cram as much as possible into their brains, I have to say I enjoyed the exams. It was inevitably stressful and didn't always go as planned but in a way it was something familiar. Continue reading →

January Exams Are Over

It was a nice feeling to have a couple of days with no lectures and no work to do before semester two kicked off, restarting the cycle of lectures, revision, coursework and exams. The timetabling has not worked out brilliantly for us though. With a 9am lecture every day but Wednesday (and that starts at 10am) there will be no week day lie ins this semester. Continue reading →

Brief Reflections on a Blurred Second Semester

Inconsistent naming scheme Meta is boring, we can have meta anywhere. Hey guys! What's up?[1] I have just finished all of the exams for the first semester of part II. What's interesting about that statement, is that it seems almost in the same vein as my last blog post almost a year ago.[2] Yes yes, I appear to be doing Part II again. I supposed I should dedicate some paragraphs to this. Continue reading →