Brief Reflections on a Blurred Second Semester

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Inconsistent naming scheme

Meta is boring, we can have meta anywhere.

Hey guys! What’s up?[1] I have just finished all of the exams for the first semester of part II.

What’s interesting about that statement, is that it seems almost in the same vein as my last blog post almost a year ago.[2]

Yes yes, I appear to be doing Part II again. I supposed I should dedicate some paragraphs to this.

I don’t want to lower the emotional tone too much, and to be honest, considering how well I’m doing at the moment, it seems a little unnecessary to be too gloom and doom about it.

My depression got really bad, and frankly, I don’t remember much of semester 2. Luckily for everyone involved, I have an incredibly supportive group of friends around me, and the school has been really supportive.

Anyway, I have the opportunity to redo the year without prejudice, and it’s all great, and I’m having a good time.

My old year group is still around, having a “fun” time with their third year projects, and management[4] (paper handins, wooooo).

And I’ve got a chest bumping, hyperactive, constantly orange[5] new year. So that’s all good.

Maybe I’ll keep up with the blog posts! But who knows, that’s a meta discussion. And meta is BAD.

[1] This is a hypothetical conversation that we’re not actually having. Please assume that the conversation was thrilling and exciting.
[2] Hopefully this is about as meta as we’re going to get.
[3] Congratulations! You’ve found a footnote that has no corresponding reference in the preceding text.
[4] Spoooky paper handins… wooo.
[5] Obligatory injokes.

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