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GDP is finished!

A couple of blogs ago I wrote a little about my team’s group design project (GDP). Progress was going well at that point, but we still had a few weeks left of really hard work to make sure we could finish everything and get the monster of a report in on time (24000 words!). Well, I’m very pleased to say that we managed it and now I’m allowed to tell you a little more about what we were creating as well. Continue reading →

Working at IBM

Work continues steadily at IBM. If I told you what I was actually doing I'd have to kill you - such is confidentiality - and I'd prefer not to have to trace the IP of everyone who visits this blog and hunt them down with some futuristic weapon that nobody knows about yet either. I've always thought there were two major points I'd have to consider when considering a role in a company: firstly, how technical it is, and secondly how artistic it is. Continue reading →

On the Topic of Coursework

So what better to see in the new year than with a fresh exam season? Let’s ignore that though, and talk about coursework, as there’s been some pretty special stuff emerging in the previous week. Both the Scripting Languages group coursework and the Computer Graphics coursework assignments were due in recently, and so the labs has been a showcase for some amazing software. Continue reading →

Life at Southampton and ECS

Aaaand breathe! Sitting back and reflecting on an incredibly fast-paced semester from the comfort of an armchair at home, I’m struggling to articulate what life at Southampton and ECS is like – there’s so much to it! Whether it be the challenging coursework, the (admittedly sometimes befuddling) engaging lectures, the task of balancing all of this with a social life amongst the swathes of opportunities various societies present, or just remembering to maintain some form of lifestyle in... Continue reading →

Getting started: Part 2

In my last post I've focused mostly on my getting accustomed to uni life, which went far better than I expected it to. But of course that is only half of the story. I came to ECS, like most of the people in my course, to study. To be honest in the first couple of weeks I found myself learning mostly maths (discrete maths being the most terrifying module of the entire course so far) and a bit of self-study web development for coursework. Continue reading →

Second Year is Not So Bad

When I am very close to the end of my second year’s first semester I can't avoid realising that it was not as bad as it sounded beforehand. Obviously, first year must have been a pretty good training for the following one. Although, I must admit that more than once already, I have found myself in a weird frame of mind. One of those times where you really need to have some strong will to get the job done. Continue reading →

Group Design Project

I’ve blogged a lot recently about everything that’s happened to me outside my degree (well, actually that’s not quite true, I’ve not really blogged a lot recently, oops) so I think it’s only fair that I take a look again at what goes on inside the hallowed walls of ECS. This term I have been super-busy with the Masters Group Design Project, or GDP as it’s affectionately (?) known. Continue reading →

Getting started: Part 1

It's been almost two whole months since I started the Computer Science course at ECS. It still sometimes feels like a dream. I remembered reading about the University and student life before coming, getting ready and, most of all, getting excited. I wanted to find out more about Southampton as well as living in the United Kingdom. Everything turned out to be completely different from what I had anticipated. Different and better. Continue reading →

NMI Annual Awards

It’s not every day you get to meet the CEO of ARM. It’s not every day you get to meet the CEOs of Imagination Technologies, the NMI, Picochip and Neul along with VPs and Directors from Dialog Semiconductor, Freescale, the Minister for Business and Enterprise and many, many more. And it’s definitely not every day you get to stay in a luxury suite in the 5-star Grand Wyndham Hotel in Chelsea, a place normally reserved for Premiership footballers. Well, last Thursday was no ordinary day. Continue reading →