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Second Year is Very Tough

Second year[1] is very tough. I mean, I'm not saying that to scare you; ECS is a vibrant, fun and clever place but the point still remains that second year is hard. I'm sure that the third years, attempting to remember what their lives were like before the third year project hand-in, would disagree. Actually, I distinctly remember an argument among some of them on this very subject. Continue reading →

Brief Reflections on a Blurred Second Semester

Inconsistent naming scheme Meta is boring, we can have meta anywhere. Hey guys! What's up?[1] I have just finished all of the exams for the first semester of part II. What's interesting about that statement, is that it seems almost in the same vein as my last blog post almost a year ago.[2] Yes yes, I appear to be doing Part II again. I supposed I should dedicate some paragraphs to this. Continue reading →


Resuming where we left off The second year, so far, has been interesting. A cliche, but true. First, I must take a slightly more serious tone than the whimsical one that I normally use. The past couple of months have been quite difficult for myself. The stress of coming back to university, a troubling personal development, and mental health issues have all conspired to do generically evil and mean things. Continue reading →

Exams II

Exams II To imply that this is a direct sequel[1] to the last blog post would not be technically accurate. It is more of a loose connection since this is the post-exam blog post, while the previous one was a pre-exam blog post. But there's no need to be pedantic.[3] I guess what I should be saying is: "Exams are over, hurrah." Yes, it is true, the examinations are over. Continue reading →

Exams – Its That Time Again

Exams (1) Is it that time again?[1] Examinations are the bane of the course. A sheet of paper containing questions that we do not know, and we have to be prepared for almost every possibility[2]. But that's almost constant for any form of academic training, whether down to Java Certification[3], all the way up to the last examinations of General Certificates of Education, and of course, university. Continue reading →

Light, Warm, Comfort

Light, Warm, Comfort Sometimes, it seems odd to outsiders the strange dependency that we[1] have on our little slabs of silicon and metal. Sometimes it seems odd to us[1]. I recently went away, visiting family in a more isolated[2] part in this country, and when I returned, my peers greeted the concept with stunned amazement, on how I could survive in 'the wild', cut off from civilization[2]. Continue reading →

Banana Bread for Helpdesk

I hope Helpdesk liked the banana bread Is it that time already? That was a rhetorical question, since my netbook informs me that it is the 10th of December, so bar ntp turning around and betraying me, I will assume that it is the correct date. At the cost of putting more pennies into the blogger's cliché jar, this term has been incredibly quick and event packed. Continue reading →

Footnotes Galore

Footnotes Galore! When I was a young, moist behind the ears A-level student, examining choices for university, I looked at the website for the School of Electronics and Computer Science, and saw that there were student blogs, written for the people, by the people. People in this instance [1], meaning students. So, I will quickly write what my past self [2] wanted to know. Computer Science is a broad subject with multiple different areas. Continue reading →