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Working at IBM

Work continues steadily at IBM. If I told you what I was actually doing I'd have to kill you - such is confidentiality - and I'd prefer not to have to trace the IP of everyone who visits this blog and hunt them down with some futuristic weapon that nobody knows about yet either. I've always thought there were two major points I'd have to consider when considering a role in a company: firstly, how technical it is, and secondly how artistic it is. Continue reading →

I’ve finally started my year-long work placement at IBM

I've finally started my year-long work placement at IBM, and my life's had such a change in format it could easily flesh out a moderately large essay so I'll do my best to summarise everything that's happened here. Firstly (can't remember if I mentioned this whole process before), I had to go to apply online - an extremely long, boring and complicated trek involving copious amounts of personal data entry and various IQ-style tests. Continue reading →

My attitude has definitely been better this semester

Looking at my last post is interesting. My attitude has definitely been better this semester (and I know this because I'm not nearly as stressed) but there is no doubt that it has not improved as much as I'd have liked it to. Despite what seems to be some kind of apathy complex, I've pushed myself to lighten up, get back in touch with people, and work (to some extent). The second half of this year feels like it's taken forever. Continue reading →

Last semester was, like, totally the worst thing ever

Last semester was, like, totally the worst thing ever. I turned up to maybe less than half of the lectures, was consistency working right up the deadline, leaving revision right til the last second and, I dunno, just generally being what Mr. T would describe as a 'fool'. To ensure this never ever happens again I've made a few life changes. First and foremost (and I know this sounds unlikely) I've decided to do coursework as soon as it's set. Crazy I know. Continue reading →

I think it’s safe to say that winter is officially here

I think it's safe to say that winter is officially here. I can occasionally see my breath in my house and queuing to get into clubs is now out of the question, while the clubs themselves are beginning to make a packet off the cloakrooms. Negativity aside, I actually quite like this time of year for some reason. It gives you more of an excuse to hug people and stuff. So far this year has been an absolute coursework onslaught. Continue reading →


I'd like to start by saying apologies for the lack of posts in the last few months. This is because life has become rather complex and it has created a writers' block of sorts, but this is a long story that even in the context of blogging could be considered out of scope. Nonetheless, down to business. This post will mainly be devoted to advice for freshers. I have this habit of starting the academic year by ceremoniously snapping deep emotional ties with someone of the opposite sex. Continue reading →

End of Term is Upon Us

End of term is upon us once again. It really has flown by- I am currently sitting in my halls room, surrounded by bags and it seems like only yesterday I was packing up for the Christmas holidays. Anyway, enough nostalgia... Coursework has really been piling up recently. We now have six courses as opposed to five (in the first semester) and with them come gratuitous amounts of out-of-classroom exercises. Continue reading →

I can’t get no sleep…

As life rolls on in Southampton and I begin to get properly settled, the issue of what I should end up doing with my life is beginning to plague me more than ever. I want to become more involved with the societies, my friends, even my course, but apathy has way too much of a hold right now for me to even consider what extensions I could introduce to my uniform life. The annoying thing is that I have no idea why. Continue reading →

End of Term

Term came to an end. I went home. And, unsurprisingly, I found it incredibly hard to adjust - nothing is easy when you feel like it's sending you backwards. Where I was recovering from the two-and-a-bit months I'd spent here, I thought I was smacking my personality in the face over and over, and so, naturally, once January appeared I was gagging to get back. Home hadn't changed, save for the urge to be with friends more often. Continue reading →

Homesickness over the holidays!

Following on from my previous post I'd like to say, well, what a surprise. Housing is definitely not something to think about yet. Thank you for clarifying that, SUSU. No applications for housing can really be made until February. Despite this, people are choosing to select their housemates now. Insert confused face here. Since I've been in Southampton, I have not felt even the slightest touch of homesickness. Continue reading →