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Very, Very Busy, Coursework Left, Right and Center

I'm still here ... but only just. It's absolutely crazy here at the moment. There's been coursework left, right and center, and also revision for exams. Couple that with joining the Events crew, and a few-too-many nights spent discussing paintball or server patching, and everything else that's going on, and you end up with a very tired student. I've decided to take a few minutes out to write something here, and then it'll be back to work. Continue reading →

Another Coursework Make Its Way Into the Depths

Time flies As another coursework makes its way into the inner depths of the C-BASS handin service, I notice we're almost at the end of a term! Before I go any further, I would like to point out that Helpdesk don't mind you having your own projects (and in fact, they encourage it), just try and keep resource usage to a minimum. The bouncy dot was neither resource friendly (taking up at minimum two PCs in the lab), nor helpdesk-friendly. Continue reading →


I had exams, and they stopped me blogging. No, really, they were not easy, and it's not A-level style papers all over again. Other than a few mishaps, which I will skip over for the sake of not going into a rant, I'm pretty confident I at least passed the exams. So that was two weeks of the past three. What else? Oh yes, Multiplayer Tetris! While mucking about in the labs after my last exam, I started, with a little help from Jack and his Python knowledge, to write Multiplayer Tetris. Continue reading →

Stag’s Head Karaoke

Stag's Head Karaoke As usual, last Thursday I headed down to the Stag's Head on Campus for Karaoke. Mark (our DJ) was already there with John from Entz and I decided to give them a hand (I always have done, and it's good fun). Mark told me he'd bought some new discs for the system. The next question was how to import them. Courtesy of a little research I'd done just before Christmas, I knew of PyKaraoke and more importantly, cdgtools. Continue reading →

It’s cold in here!

Mountbatten down the hatches - it's cold in here! I'll admit it, the title's cheesy, but it was necessary. With temperatures below freezing much of the time, and snow and ice everywhere, it was a miracle that everyone made it to lectures over the past few days - but they did! Glen Eyre Road was more like Glen Eyre Ski Slope, and campus more like Southampton Ice Rink, but I think everyone enjoyed it all the same. Continue reading →

December already…

December already ... So I sit here, just under two weeks to go until the end of term, wondering what to write. My first COMP1004 coursework was submitted on Friday, and based on Eric's response on Friday when I showed him at the end of a lecture, he was quite amused. Since the beginning of the term, Eric has been repeatedly mentioning the MIDI library in Java. I figured it was time to use it. Continue reading →

Cup of Java anyone?

Three weeks in, and it's time to scribble a few more thoughts. I've just got back into my room in halls from doing everyone's washing up, while they've all gone away for the weekend. Just Dan, one of my flatmates, and myself this weekend, so it's quiet in halls and I can think about the blog post. The course is slowly but steadly progressing, and it's beginning to teach me a few things. Continue reading →

Jumpstart in a Nutshell

OK, I'll admit it, I'm about five days late posting this. I meant to write this last weekend, but never quite got around to it somehow. JumpStart is the first thing that hits anyone arriving at ECS on time. While it does count a bit for one of the modules, it's not really about the module scores, more the fun that can be had. Our challenge this year involved creating a photo storyboard which had to meet a load of criteria. Some of these ranged from the mundane (e.g. Continue reading →