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Distributed Coursework to Deal With

After "forcing" multiple friends to proof-read my report, it reached a stage where I deemed it "fit for purpose" and handed it in. What a relief! Now I have the distributed (COMP3019) coursework to deal closely followed by the viva and the important end-of-degree exams. These next few weeks are going to be crazy, but before I know it will be all over. Got my appointment at the US embassy organised. Continue reading →

Easter Came and Left

Easter came and Easter left. I ended up stuck in Washington DC for the first week of term due to the volcano on Iceland. The University has been very understanding of any inconvenience that it may have caused and have given automatic extensions on all hand-ins due within a month of my return. This included my third-year project final report. I got quite a bit done over the holidays, but not quite finished. One last meeting with my project supervisor before I put the finishing touches on it. Continue reading →

Why are we waiting?

Still waiting for the exam results and module marks from last semester, they should be available by the end of this week or beginning of next one. It's always torture having to wait for marks that could make such a difference. Even though I have been offered a place by CMU, they require that my final results be of an acceptable nature, so I can't rest quite yet :) Project is coming along nicely. Continue reading →

Applying for MSc’s

A few months back I mentioned that I have been applying to do an MSc at a few US universities. I applied for a few really good ones with the hopes that I might be able to convince them that I would be worthy of one such place. Never had I imagined that my truly long shot, Carnegie Mellon, would offer me a spot. Don't get me wrong, it's been a hard and long process, and it's been tough balancing how much time I spent preparing for next year vs concentrating on my current degree. Continue reading →

Busy, busy, busy

As expected, the rest of December and January were hectic. Coursework deadlines hit hard and fast, followed by frantic exam revision. It all culminated last weekend with the final exam being the hardest. The weekend was spent, finally, getting some third year project work done. The questionnaires are going well, though I need to get a move on if I am to get a decent sample. Continue reading →

December crept up on us…

Already December! This term has just absolutely flown by. Christmas is a time to be spent with family, and I will be doing very little work over the holidays. Unfortunately, the lecturers believe this is the perfect time for courseworks. This means whatever I don't get done before the holidays, will have to be done when I get back! Going to be a rough beginning to the New Year! On another note, the modules are all going well. Continue reading →

Actually Finished a Lab

The focus of my third year project is coming along, though I am getting worried about the scope. Spent most of today researching the relevant topics, and putting the finishing touches on my ethics comittee application for a questionnaire I intend to run to gather requirements for my 3YP. Had the second of two graphics labs on Wednesday, I was much more comfortable with it this time around as I knew what to expect. Continue reading →