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Weather Improvement!

Hi everyone! Finally the weather has improved. The bright sunshine has spread all over, with some colourful flowers and lush green grass making it more beautiful. Had a very nice time back home during easter, also had a taste of flight delays due to volcanic eruption but it was fun, getting 10 more days to spend with friends and family. It has been three weeks since I came back. It was a very sweet welcome by the busy schedule of labs and courseworks that I missed due to the delay. Continue reading →

Let me introduce myself…

Heyyyy....finally I got the time to write my first blog after a long span of three months. First of all I wish everyone a very warm New Year as it's freezing over here in Southampton. The chilling winters have finally arrived and you can see the roads and the cars under the beautiful white sheet of snow. Making snowballs and throwing them at friends is great fun. As it's my first blog, so I would like to talk something about the University and the all-round atmosphere over here. Continue reading →