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A year late…

Almost a year since my previous blog post so I will fill you in with what has been going on in my life! Last year shortly after my blog post I successfully applied for a position at Buckle Consulting, a local web design company close to campus. The job was ideal: web design being a familiar area to me, course related, part-time and working from home. Continue reading →

Its Raining Again and Deadlines are Fast Approaching

So it's Friday morning, its raining outside and deadlines are fast approaching but it's not all doom and gloom! My 9AM tutorial finished early so I thought I would take the time to update the world with the recent events of my life. The University held an Engineering and Computer Science careers fair which I attended to look at the possibility of doing a summer placement next year. Many of the major players were present including Microsoft, Bloomberg, IBM, Siemens... the list goes on. Continue reading →

Jumpstart Again, But This Time I was a Helper

Jumpstart I didn't fail the first year, instead this year I was a helper. The day involved collecting my group from the introductory lecture, making ourselves lunch and then exploring Southampton in the city challenge. This year was a little different to last, instead of taking pictures of particular places around the City we had to create a story in pictures which incorporated certain places. At first we struggled to come up with an idea for the story but we got there eventually. Continue reading →

Programming Modules

So I make it about time for another overdue entry... I'm now approaching the end of semester 2, which is the end of the first year - how crazy is that!! The second semester has been much more Computer Science based, even though I'm a Software Engineer I'm on the Comp Sci course for the first few years. I've especially enjoyed the Advanced Programming module (COMP1003) on Java and the courseworks have really progressed my Java skills. Continue reading →

Exam Results Being Returned Next Week… Tense Moments

It's been a good while since my last blog entry so I thought I would delight you with an update! So Christmas has been and gone which meant a nice piece of programming coursework which I thoroughly enjoyed writing. The two weeks after the Christmas break marked the end of semester one, which can only mean one thing... Exams! Being my first set of formal exams at university I didn't really know what to expect and more importantly how much revision to do. Continue reading →

Everyone is So Friendly

Over a month has flown by now since I arrived at Southampton but at the same time it feels like I’ve been here forever. Settling into halls and this new style of life hasn’t been a problem, everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to - you can’t go wrong! It feels quite weird doing academic work again after such a long summer break but I’m glad to get back into the swing of things. Continue reading →