Second Year is Very Tough

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Second year[1] is very tough.

I mean, I’m not saying that to scare you; ECS is a vibrant, fun and clever place but the point still remains that second year is hard.

I’m sure that the third years, attempting to remember what their lives were like before the third year project hand-in, would disagree. Actually, I distinctly remember an argument among some of them on this very subject.

The team that felt that third year was harder, had taken Scripting Languages and Computer Graphics, as well as a bundle of other responsibilities. So maybe, I’ll learn from their example[2], and attempt to bite less chew in third year?

Certainly, second year has been VERY tough. A large number of courseworks due in around a three-week period, some of them significantly tougher than
advertised[3], it does tend to drain you somewhat.

With everyone else also working on a bajillion[4] hand-ins, there might be something described as a sense of community, or maybe just that everyone feels
the same pain, and there’s empathy?

Certainly now that these weeks are coming to a close, we can all have some respite.

Until the exams.

[1] Fine, what I really mean, is that Computer Science Part II is tough. This is, technically, my third year of university bluh bluh bluh.
[2] Which obviously serves as a warning to others.
[3] *cough*COMPILERS*cough*
[4] That’s a technical term.

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