The Reflection of Topic Five

Whilst it was an interesting topic, the new learning experience for me was the challenge of creating a video. It made a different, but welcome change to my normal text posts. The biggest issue I faced was the concern that I might not be able to get the same information across as I could with a written post. My first impression was that I felt more constricted by what I could write, so the video could flow easily.

It was interesting to see what others posted, I commented on Freya’s blog that was on a hacking of JSTOR which resulted in a court case and the defendant committing suicide. It was great to see how she had found an example with a service that I use daily. Freya argued that academic journals should be free which, to some extent, I did too. This provoked my question that asked, how are academics meant to fund this if research costs money in the first place? I’m not sure if I have an answer to this question. Freya’s view was that knowledge should be shared, not charged to the select few who could afford.

Dom’s blog was also of interest to me, specifically, how I perceived his view comparing piracy and Spotify as similar. Because of this, I asked if this is what he meant, and attempted to put across the point that perhaps Spotify was a great compromise to piracy whilst providing the artist with a smaller income, but with longevity as opposed to a one off album sale which artists earn £1.04 of. At the time of writing I hadn’t had a response from Dom.

Overall, and with the video, it was a pleasant experience and one that I feel has given me a new skill set and confidence.

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