Topic 5 Reflective Summary

I think this topic has been a great way to round of the module. I decided that I would try something completely different presentation-wise, and create a web page using WiX. I really enjoyed the process and have learnt some new skills in the process.

I found this video at the start of the topic and decided to share it on Twitter.  As you can see, Jack Andraka replied to the tweet and also recommended the Open Access Button – which I subsequently used in the content of my web page.

jack andraka (2)

 After posting the link to my web page on Twitter, Anna replied and commented on how much she liked my use of the platform, and her comment on my blog provoked an interesting discussion.


 I also was able to engage with the topic even more by replying to Lucy and Sophie‘s comments on my blog.

My first comment was made on a #MANG2049 student’s blog, Xiu Zhen. It was definitely a good experience to explore the other posts and other ways in which the student have approached the module topics. We discussed convincing people to make their materials freely available online, and we also agreed on interaction being the highlight of open access in general to internet users.

I also commented on Adam’s blog post and it seemed as if we agreed on a lot of points made in relation to this topic. I also found the point he made about the vastness of online materials interesting because I think that it is something that we needed to take into account for a true understanding of this topic.

All in all, I think this topic went well because it provoked some really interesting discussions, not only on the content of the blog posts, but also on the media used to present this content.




Andraka, J. (2013). Paywalls vs. open access. Tedx Talks.

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Adam’s Blog:

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