a reflection: access to online materials.

This post is a reflection on the fifth and final topic of the module, a particular favourite of mine as it’s a topic that I’ve had previous conversations about with my friends and fellow students before, the idea of having online content available to all.


I decided to do a vlog for my post this week and found the comments on my post really interesting, Khairul left me a really well-researched reply and I found his links really useful — Ben Goldacre happens to be a friend of my mother so it was great to see him being brought into the context of this module! Khairul pointed out the relevance of Andy’s blog post on the topic which was really insightful, I was particularly intrigued by his “cons” side of the debate which I hadn’t really considered before.

Din, on the other hand, was able to once again link the topic back to his favourite area of interest, online gaming! Again, it’s great to see the module being applied to other contexts, and he has certainly broadened my knowledge on the subject and made me realise that sometimes users can fully benefit from products without spending a “dime”.

Pippa dealt with the topic of education on her post, like I did, but it was great to read it from her perspective, she managed to bring it back to her course and I will certainly be looking into using the tool that she suggested.

Once again, a varied and insightful topic, which was particularly interesting as many of my coursemates dealt with the topic in a way that was relevant to them!

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