So what if online content is free online? : a Reflection

This weeks question has been my favourite from the #uosm2033 because of how interesting it was to see what my classmates thought and researched, as well as what I could find on the internet.

Truthfully, my sister was the one who pointed me in the right direction of Aaron Swartz, The Internets Own Boy. I found this extremely engaging, as did my classmates who specifically commented on this, on my blog. One comment which really got me thinking was one made by ebrahimshakir. He mentioned cyber war, and whether there is a possibility that we could face one in years to come, because of the increasing dependence of the internet. Scarily enough, I think we are in one now. The world has changed dramatically since 2000, and that was only just under 15 years ago! Its the fact that the technology is regenerating, and we as a generation feel like we need to constantly be at least one step ahead.

Thus, because the internet is changing, this begs the question as to whether access to online material should be free. It was interesting to read what my classmates had to say, such as nabeel. I asked what her thoughts were on┬ácharging to read academic literature, and I agree with her when she says “science is for the benefit of all mankind and must not be restricted”. Its the fact that we should be encouraging those to read our work and interest, not feel to disparaged just because you are being charged!

Its been a great ten weeks, as I have really learnt more about the digital world..which has fundamentally helped me developed my digital media and improve my confidence in presenting myself via these.

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