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Getting started: Part 1

It's been almost two whole months since I started the Computer Science course at ECS. It still sometimes feels like a dream. I remembered reading about the University and student life before coming, getting ready and, most of all, getting excited. I wanted to find out more about Southampton as well as living in the United Kingdom. Everything turned out to be completely different from what I had anticipated. Different and better. Continue reading →

NMI Annual Awards

It’s not every day you get to meet the CEO of ARM. It’s not every day you get to meet the CEOs of Imagination Technologies, the NMI, Picochip and Neul along with VPs and Directors from Dialog Semiconductor, Freescale, the Minister for Business and Enterprise and many, many more. And it’s definitely not every day you get to stay in a luxury suite in the 5-star Grand Wyndham Hotel in Chelsea, a place normally reserved for Premiership footballers. Well, last Thursday was no ordinary day. Continue reading →

ECS Undergraduate – What a Great Position

Welcome to my first blog entry, which has a zombie theme. The reason for this will become clear but I wanted to warn you from the outset that I might be digging up some pretty old jokes... So, having read other ECS blogs for the last year fascinated to know what being an ECS undergrad is like, I'm now one of them! What a great position to be in - I really am anticipating having a fantastic year. Continue reading →

The Second Year of an Electronic Engineering student is synonymous with slow torture

The Second Year of an Electronic Engineering student is synonymous with slow torture(that you somewhat enjoy!). After all, we have just begun our second week and already, the work has been heaped upon us. Last year, after we were forced to become code-breaking experts to be employed in WW1 (the type of encoding we were tackling was popular then); I thought that I could finally bid adieu to my worst nemesis - Programming. Continue reading →

Freshers Week Come Around Already

So freshers' week has come around already; after what seems like an incredibly short summer, we are thrown straight back (with full force!) into uni life. It is very interesting how different this summer, after my second year here, has been when compared to last summer and the summer before. Summer 2009 I'm going to be totally honest; the summer I had before I came to university was pretty awful. Continue reading →

The Best Student Paper Award

The Best Student Paper Award What’s up every-buddy! I have good news to tell you regarding my research. I won the “Best Student Paper Award” at “The European Conference on Data Mining (ECDM'11)”, July 2011, Rome Italy. Well, that shows the top quality research being carried out at ECS and of course the motivation(s) I have towards the research.... :) Apart from attending the conference, I had a good chance to visit Rome. Continue reading →

Summer Holiday

Summer holiday One of the benefits of spending the summer holiday in Southampton is that one gets to see how the University is outside the academic year. It also gives one an opportunity to experience the “British Summer”, with this year’s said to be the coldest in 30 years; talk about summer indeed. Obviously, the campus is less busy and it takes much less time to buy things at the union shop and susu cafe as the queues are shorter and consist of more staff than students at times. Continue reading →