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Reflecting on First Semester

I'm back at home for the christmas holidays. Now I can reflect on the first term and what a fantastic time I had! As you might expect, it was a time of trying and testing many things. The most enjoyable part of the first term was creating a simulation of an Enigma Machine. Plugging all the parts together correctly so that I could decode the first message was such a rewarding moment. The trick to getting it right was apparently to do enormous amounts of testing. Continue reading →

ECS Undergraduate – What a Great Position

Welcome to my first blog entry, which has a zombie theme. The reason for this will become clear but I wanted to warn you from the outset that I might be digging up some pretty old jokes... So, having read other ECS blogs for the last year fascinated to know what being an ECS undergrad is like, I'm now one of them! What a great position to be in - I really am anticipating having a fantastic year. Continue reading →