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The Best Student Paper Award

The Best Student Paper Award What’s up every-buddy! I have good news to tell you regarding my research. I won the “Best Student Paper Award” at “The European Conference on Data Mining (ECDM'11)”, July 2011, Rome Italy. Well, that shows the top quality research being carried out at ECS and of course the motivation(s) I have towards the research.... :) Apart from attending the conference, I had a good chance to visit Rome. Continue reading →

What’s wrong with being a PhD Student?

Adam: Musi, we supposed to have a meeting yesterday? Musi: I think, the meeting is scheduled to be every Wednesday? Adam: It was Wednesday yesterday! Musi: No, today is Wednesday! Adam: Today is Thursday, go check your calendar! Musi: (a bit embarrassed.....), Well ... blah Adam: It’s ok, I understand you are a final year PhD.....!!! Well, this was the argument I had with my supervisor a couple of weeks back. Afterwards, I cried, Oh God, what's wrong with being a PhD ... lol. Continue reading →

Third year of PhD

Third year of PhD “Permanent Head Damage (PHD) is shining at full boom: I have become short sighted, lost my memory, lost some hair with white blob at root (so I have to change my hair style), grown fatter: my inchoate SIX packs have been replaced by one big integrated pack, I have less time for my friends and family (I apologise, but one day you will be proud of me..;p)” Well this is the abstract of what I am doing nowadays. Continue reading →


Helo, eloooo! I am back from the US after spending two weeks in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. My conference was in Las Vegas - a hub of casinos and land of lavish activities. Well, the conference went very well. Though I did not get the "best paper award" but I am pretty sure I would easily qualify for "the worst paper award" if there is any...just kidding.... Continue reading →

Sun Was Shining in Full Splendour

Greetings...Hello Hi....I am baaaaaack! It has been a long time since I posted my previous blog. Well I don’t want to make excuses but I was in trouble, a big trouble ......(BTW, my colleague from my previous job called me a ‘trouble’...:P) It was a pleasant day; there was fresh & sweet breeze blowing, sun was shining in full splendour, there were birds singing songs and we were walking towards a pub, located just behind the university. ....Hmm...somewhat romantic ya....:).... Continue reading →

Graduation Ceremony, Christmas and New Years Eve

"We hope you will not forget us....pause.....and If you become rich or very rich...Pause.... we will not forget you." This was the sentence said by the Chancellor of the University of Southampton at the graduation ceremony on 17th Dec 2008, which provoked laughter in the audience. The graduation ceremony went well (though unexpectedly...:)), due to a number of factors which made it an awesome event of my life. First of all the weather was very sunny (Thank GOD no more freezing cold). Continue reading →

MSc experiences at ECS

MSc experiences at ECS "You must answer this question": You will probably be wondering what this sentence has to do with my introduction. Well it is the sentence I say to everyone who complains about the difficulty of my name: "Mustansar" ‘Must-Ansar’ (Pronounced Must Answer). More frankly you can call me 'Musi', my nickname, and my friends call me by this name. I have been here in ECS for the last year. Continue reading →