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Decisions, decisions…

Decisions, decisions ... I'm a big fan of flexibility. Being asked to make a rushed decision is not something that I welcome. My landlord will no doubt be asking in late November as to whether we want to renew our house contract or start showing some over-eager freshers around to take our place. Note to freshers: leave it to after exams in February; the people in the houses will be more friendly and the houses aren't going anywhere. Continue reading →

We’re Back!

Trust me, if I had thought a year back that I would be writing this then my past self would have wanted to stab my future self, but in spite of myself I have to say – I really missed Southampton. After a break of almost 4 months, it’s amazingly amazing to be back. Right now, I have given up the comforts of living in a university hall and have taken up the challenge to dwell in a nice antique house. I am calling it antique because it really is. Continue reading →


Helo, eloooo! I am back from the US after spending two weeks in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. My conference was in Las Vegas - a hub of casinos and land of lavish activities. Well, the conference went very well. Though I did not get the "best paper award" but I am pretty sure I would easily qualify for "the worst paper award" if there is any...just kidding.... Continue reading →

Undergraduate of the Year Awards Ceremony

As I have mentioned in a couple of my previous blogs, I have been involved in the search to find the First Year of the Year in the Undergraduate of the Year Awards. Last time I wrote about it a couple of months ago I was through to the final 10 and now fast forward and it was time to find out the results. The pressure was most definitely off a bit thanks to knowing I’d already won the Royal Academy of Engineering Advanced Leadership Award, but still I was really looking forward to this. Continue reading →

Very, Very Busy, Coursework Left, Right and Center

I'm still here ... but only just. It's absolutely crazy here at the moment. There's been coursework left, right and center, and also revision for exams. Couple that with joining the Events crew, and a few-too-many nights spent discussing paintball or server patching, and everything else that's going on, and you end up with a very tired student. I've decided to take a few minutes out to write something here, and then it'll be back to work. Continue reading →

Interview with IT Innovation at Chilworth Science Park

I had the interview with IT Innovation at Chilworth Science Park today. It was quite a nice day out; lovely weather and beautiful surroundings. I arrived 45 minutes early (the company I booked the taxi with told me to get a taxi at 2pm if I wanted to guarantee getting there for 3pm). Having loads of time spare, I had a wonder around the site and it really was gorgeous. Plenty of trees and green space. Continue reading →

Distributed Coursework to Deal With

After "forcing" multiple friends to proof-read my report, it reached a stage where I deemed it "fit for purpose" and handed it in. What a relief! Now I have the distributed (COMP3019) coursework to deal closely followed by the viva and the important end-of-degree exams. These next few weeks are going to be crazy, but before I know it will be all over. Got my appointment at the US embassy organised. Continue reading →

New Challenges and Problems to Solve

New Challenges The world is full of great challenges. They may be problems to solve, people to meet, or experiences to explore. Where one person sees a problem, another will see a challenge, an opportunity for growth and a step on their personal road to success. Getting a degree is one such challenge. I've been involved with the University of Southampton for nearly 5 years now, and I am constantly finding new challenges in my work. Continue reading →