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Helo, eloooo!

I am back from the US after spending two weeks in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. My conference was in Las Vegas – a hub of casinos and land of lavish activities. Well, the conference went very well. Though I did not get the “best paper award” but I am pretty sure I would easily qualify for “the worst paper award” if there is any…just kidding….:p

I got a chance of meeting the leading people in my field, attended many useful lectures, and most importantly enhanced my network with many good researchers. I learned how one can defend one’s work – it is all about confidently communicating your results to a vast audience.
There are some other things to be mentioned: I noticed some radical differences between the UK and the US. A lot of things are transformed, for example, “cheers” changes to “you are welcome”, “Thanks” changes to “Nothing” “Mate” changes to “Buddy”, “coldness” is replaced by “hotness ” (burning temperature 40-45C), a “cool” underground rail system (in London) is replaced by “noisy and suffocating” rail system (in New York).

Furthermore, the US was very diverse – having a blend of people, black, white, Asian, Spanish, Mexican, etc. It was really very difficult to recognize all of them in contrast to UK. Moreover, I realized that some of the states of US were very rich like Las Vegas and some states (or at least some areas) were poor like Los Angeles. New York was great, always full with thousands of tourists. I visited Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and Ground Zero. I could not climb the Empire State Building despite planning, due to shortage of time. In short, It was really a beneficial experience and highlight of my career, which enhanced my professional skills, gave me an insight on US culture, and I had a useful change of tempo by getting some holidays away from the static routine of the lab.

Apart from that, during the last few weeks I have been busy collecting charity for the flood victims of Pakistan.
See you guys soon,

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