Very, Very Busy, Coursework Left, Right and Center

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I’m still here … but only just.

It’s absolutely crazy here at the moment. There’s been coursework left, right and center, and also revision for exams.

Couple that with joining the Events crew, and a few-too-many nights spent discussing paintball or server patching, and everything else that’s going on, and you end up with a very tired student.

I’ve decided to take a few minutes out to write something here, and then it’ll be back to work.

Exams are looming (six days away!) and I’m really not very well prepared at the moment. In among all this, I managed to get to the Annexe Theatre to see Jekyll and Hyde, performed by Showstoppers, the musical theatre group (and then promptly got borrowed by StageSoc to take everything down and clean up), and also managed to find an excuse to take the paintball club on another one of this year’s trips.

The Events crew has already caused a few late nights and a lot of tiredness as I was shadowing the rest of the crew for last week’s Kinki at the Cube. Tomorrow’s fun and games involves removing ceiling drapes from the West Refectory (AKA Garden Court) in the Students’ Union, and then I might be working on the Grad Ball. All of this is backstage stuff to make every event tick as it should.

So, until I get a chance to scribble a few more thoughts here, I guess that’s all for now.

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