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Innovation can be fun!

“Southampton has been ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities and is the number one university in the UK for Electrical and Electronic Engineering.” On one busy day while rushing off to school, I casually glanced at this headline in the newspaper thinking how great it would be if I actually was a part of this university and now I write my first blog as a proud student of the University of Southampton. Continue reading →

Developing good habits and a plan

Developing good habits and a plan The aspiration for this week is developing the plan. Given the choice of writing about a project and getting on with the grunt work, I very much prefer the latter. In my ideal world I'd have a subordinate who'd handle that for expressing the plan. Projects imply size and therefore large chunks of time. Accountants will say time is money, so it is a sure bet that such a commitment of time will require somebody somewhere to give the OK. Continue reading →


I'd like to start by saying apologies for the lack of posts in the last few months. This is because life has become rather complex and it has created a writers' block of sorts, but this is a long story that even in the context of blogging could be considered out of scope. Nonetheless, down to business. This post will mainly be devoted to advice for freshers. I have this habit of starting the academic year by ceremoniously snapping deep emotional ties with someone of the opposite sex. Continue reading →

Perfect Tools

About this time last year I spent some time reading these blogs here. It turned out to be a quite useful resource not only for "meeting" people from Southampton, but also getting a better overview of the course itself. Reading personal experiences may convey more information than the formal syllabus, which is abstract and does not tell the whole story (of course, I'm not saying these blogs do). Continue reading →

Intellectual Bad-Ass

I'm off on a first aid course tomorrow for my Jiu-Jitsu club. Should be interesting and I have done some basic DR. ABC before (though it's probably more like DRY. ABRCDEZ... now). Also teaching freshers (and 4th-years) some Jitsu which is giving me the opportunity to practice my ability to explain things in plain English and to demonstrate that I'm an intellectual bad-ass. Some good news: I've been offered a gig up in my hometown of Bristol. Continue reading →


Introductions. I’ve probably done more introductions in my first week at Southampton than I’ve done in my life, and frankly, they’re not getting any more interesting. Hi! I’m Yusra, embarking on my four-year electronic-engineering ‘journey’ at ECS. (Also, now is a good time to warn you that this entry will probably be long). Normally, I hate beginnings, starting new sounds a lot better on paper than it really is. Continue reading →


This entry is a brief reintroduction for people who have not read my blog before and an indication to its future direction. At this point, I'm a mature student - comes with being ten years senior to most of my fellow students - studying Computer Science, and this will be my third year at the University of Southampton. I've worked in the IT industry as a developer for several years prior to my re-entry into study. Continue reading →

Royal Academy of Engineering

I wrote back in April about an award I received from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Two weeks ago, just before the start of Freshers' Week, I got to make use of this for the first time with a weekend conference in Birmingham where I got the chance to meet the other winners from top engineering departments across the country and attend a series of personal development workshops. Continue reading →

University Eve

University Eve I write on the eve of another university year. Freshers week has passed and was an opportunity to get back to see friends after the summer period. Even in the age of IM and Facebook, going down the pub reigns supreme. In amongst the relaxed air of relative freedom, I detect a more sombre mood as the experience of the second's year graft has sunk in, with the majority expecting a repeat performance to maintain their marks. Continue reading →

Innovation strikes back

Innovation strikes back People who have read this blog may recall that I spent last summer at the IT Innovation Centre. For those unfamiliar, IT Innovation is a company which is owned by the University Of Southampton and develops ideas generated at ECS with partners from industry. My original intention this summer had been to put my feet up and relax. Continue reading →