New Challenges and Problems to Solve

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New Challenges

The world is full of great challenges. They may be problems to solve, people to meet, or experiences to explore. Where one person sees a problem, another will see a challenge, an opportunity for growth and a step on their personal road to success.

Getting a degree is one such challenge. I’ve been involved with the University of Southampton for nearly 5 years now, and I am constantly finding new challenges in my work. Sometimes it is just a case of struggling for an acceptable grade, or pushing myself through a difficult concept until I can finally grasp the point of it.

Most of the time however, my most exciting challenges come from my own private projects, such as the work I’m doing for Bread Tree or a powerful tool for the translation industry I am currently trying to close a licensing deal for.

This year, one of the bigger challenges has been in trying to answer the question of what to do after university. I have applied to a few positions along the usual graduate track, taken on a couple of personal projects and am looking forward to interviewing for a teaching fellowship in Ghana. There’s also a dissertation project to squeeze in there somewhere.

Even this blog has been a valuable challenge for me, as I have been developing my writing skills and am writing a few more complete articles on such topics as overcoming performance anxiety and exam stress, progress in the martial arts and developing a gentle touch. I am getting into the habit of writing down some of the more valuable life lessons I have learned over the years with the eventual aim of sharing them with others.

Then there are more esoteric challenges. Last week I was on holiday in Dawlish Warren with the kung fu club. On the last night, I decided to get up and sing karaoke for the first time. It was an eye-opening experience and not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Little personal victories like this help us all become stronger, more confident and ultimately better people.

So what obstacles stand in your way that can be seen as challenges on your path to greatness?

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